Free Fire Season 38 is Here!

Garena Free Fire is back for Season 38 (can you believe it?). If you’ve yet to dive into the world of Free Fire Diamonds and pins, the game has both a premium and elite pass option. Both options offer exclusive items.

The new season started on July 1, 2021, so the clock is ticking to get your hands on a slew of exclusive items, such as:


There’s a lot coming in Season 38 – let’s have a look.


What’s New in Season 38

A new season brings a lot of new goodies for players. Some of the awesome additions to the game include:

Guns for Hire Theme

Want to look completely awesome? Elite Pass players are able to snag the Guns for Hire gear, which has the following primary colours:

  • Black
  • Blue/Purple
  • Gold


For us, this is one of the best additions to the game this season.

Anyone new to the game will be happy to know that the season is available all month long, so you still have time to get the exclusive items and start earning Free Fire diamonds pins and badges. Elite Pass holders will need to complete missions so that they can unlock the items offered to pass holders.

Don’t have the cash to spend on an elite pass just yet?

No worries.

A free version of the pass is available, but of course, you can pay for an upgrade to get even better reward items.


Did you pre-order?

If so, you’ll be given a head start and will be able to snag a bunch of awesome perks for pre-ordering, including:

  • Guns for Hire hat skin
  • Specialized kill feed
  • The daily gold limit increased by 100
  • 50 Elite Pass badges (free)


But there’s a lot more that you’ll be able to claim as an Elite Pass holder and through unlocking with badges that you earn during the season.


How to Pre-Order Season 38 and Beyond

Did you want to pre-order or want to know how to pre-order in the future? You can with the same method every season. The reason that we recommend that you stockpile your Free Fire diamonds is because you’ll need 999 diamonds to be able to pre-order a season with the Elite Pass.

But for many players, the upgrade is well worth the cost because it gives a sense of prestige and some nice perks.

If you’ve never pre-ordered before, you can pre-order using the following steps (whether you’re planning on doing it this season or the next):

  1. Launch Free Fire, and open the “Elite Pass” section.
  2. Click the icon next to “Upgrade.”
  3. Tap on the button that says “999” diamonds.
  4. Confirm your purchase when the pop-up asks you to.


You’ll often notice that the pre-order is discounted to encourage more people to actually purchase the pass when requested.

Pre-ordering always guarantees that you’ll be playing the entire season with the best items and can claim all of the best rewards.

You can also choose the Elite Pass for 499 diamonds, or you can go to the big leagues by choosing the 999 diamonds option for the Elite Bundle.


Elite Pass Holder: Season 38 Goodies

Elite Passes get the best of the best in Free Fire, and some of the perks are just insane this season. Bundles are always going to be the main attraction because these bundles are the main reason that people even purchase the pass in the first place.

You have a male and female bundle that’s completely awesome called the Regis or Royal Gunslinger.


Regis Gunslinger Male Bundle

Want to get your hands on a legendary bundle? It will cost you 250 badges, and it will unlock the white, black and blue shades bundle. You’ll receive five items in the bundle that will make you look fierce in-game.

You’ll also notice a blue radar animation at the back of the set.


Royal Gunslinger Female Bundle

Female characters also have access to the Royal Gunslinger set, but this set is more impressive (personal opinion) than the male set. The female set is blue, black, gold and white with a nifty red radar animation.

Also, the rarity of this set is legendary, and all you need are 50 badges to unlock it.

But Season 38 has far more than just these two bundles. You’ll also gain access to a slew of exclusives that I’m sure you’ll love.


Exclusive Vehicle & Weapon Skins

Free Fire is really bringing the colour this season, with a lot of awesome skins that are free to snag for all Elite Pass members. Some of the skins that are most talked about right now are:

  • Sports car skin: Want your sports car to match the rest of your bundle? No problem. The common item transforms your sports car into a blue, black and gold vehicle that is one of our favourites in-game. This skin is free.
  • UMP: Transform your UMP with the blue and red skin. You won’t gain any attributes with the skin – you never do – but you will look awesome with it. The UMP skin will set you back 10 badges – not a bad deal.
  • Melee: Dropping your gun and want to get up close and personal with your enemies? The melee skin requires 80 badges, but it will transform your weapons with a black and red theme. The one drawback is that there are no animations present for the melee skin.


Exclusive Surfboard

With white and red, the surfboard is awesome, along with WANTED bills falling from it as a key animation. The legendary skin costs 100 badges and is a must-have for hardcore players.


Exclusive Backpack Skin

The Backpack skin is one of those purchases that keep giving back with the unlocks that are offered. The theme stays true to what we’ve mentioned so far with Season 38: black, gold and blue colours.

And you can change the structure of the backpack by equipping:

  • Level 1 backpacks
  • Level 2 backpacks
  • Level 3 backpacks


If you equip a Level 3 backpack, the skin gains a nice animation. The backpack skin is the most expensive item we’ve seen so far and will cost 200 badges.


Exclusive Death Loot Box

Collecting Free Fire diamonds to dominate your opponents with some of the best items in the game? Well, what fun is it without a legendary death loot box? You can claim this loot box with 150 badges.

When you eliminate an opponent, use the box – it’s awesome.

The box has WANTED engraved on it, with a red-eyed, skull theme. When you use the box, you’ll notice that it has a red flame animation at the back with a blue and gold colour theme.


Unlocking Items with Badges

Is this your first season of Free Fire? If so, it’s important to know that badges mean everything and allow you to unlock various prizes and items. You’ll need a certain number of badges for multiple items depending on whether you’re on a free or Elite pass.

Here’s how much you’ll need to unlock each prize:

Free Pass (Normal)

  • 5 badges: Bounty Boss Avatar
  • 40 badges: Guns for Hire Shirt
  • 100 badges: Most Wanted Shirt
  • 150 badges: Going for Bounty banner
  • 200 badges: Guns for Hire backpack


Elite Pass

  • 0 badges: Sports car
  • 10 badges: UMP Guns for Hire Skin
  • 15 badges: Guns for Hire Jacket
  • 30 badges: Guns for Hire banner
  • 40 badges: Avatar
  • 50 badges: Royale Gunslinger Female bundle
  • 80 badges: Most Wanted Baseball Bat/melee skin
  • 100 badges: Most Wanted Skyboard skin
  • 115 badges: The Pursuer banner
  • 125 badges: Most Wanted List Grenade
  • 150 badges: Bounty Tombstone Loot Box skin
  • 200 badges: Bounty Skull Backpack skin
  • 200 badges: Regis Gunslinger Male bundle


Free Fire Tips and Advice for New and Seasoned Players

Free Fire is competitive, and if you want to make the most out of your experience, you’ll either have to dedicate a ton of time playing or choose to learn from the pros. I prefer to learn from others so that when I start a new game, there’s less risk of getting destroyed.

A few of the tips that can help players of all skill levels really master Free Fire are:

  • Cosmetics don’t do anything. You can, and should, try snagging cool cosmetics to make your character look awesome. But the skins won’t do anything to make you more powerful. It’s better to focus on weapons and mastering the basics than worrying about how your character looks when playing.
  • Certain characters have their own perks. Your gameplay style will dictate who the best character in the game is for you. There are a few characters that have perks that provide a subtle advantage:
    • Andrew loses 2% less vest vulnerability.
    • Ford is great when you’re outside the safe zone because you take 4% less damage.
    • Kelly has a slight speed advantage with her 1% sprint speed increase.
    • Misha is who you want behind the wheel driving due to the 2% faster-driving speed perk.
    • Nikita is a killing machine thanks to the 4% faster reload speed when using a submachine.
    • Olivia has the gift of life, reviving players with +6 HP.
  • Vehicles put a target on you. When there are a lot of players fighting in the beginning and everything is sort of chaotic, jump behind the wheel of a vehicle to get to your destination faster. Later in the game when people are trying to hunt you down, a vehicle will make you a moving target.
  • The real battle is the end game. When you drop in the zone, you can almost guarantee that someone is going to try and score a kill. Your goal may be to kill everyone, but for conservative players, you’ll want to focus on sneaking around and surviving. The battle only matters when you’re one of the last people on the island. Let the other players kill each other at the beginning of the game while you escape and have a chance to win the game at the end.
  • Be cautious looting. Moving your analogue control back and forth while looting can keep you alive. If you stand still while looting, you’re risking having someone headshot you.
  • Default aim precision. If you’re new to the game or your aiming isn’t great, don’t make it harder by changing the aim precision. Be sure this setting is on default in the beginning because you’ll land more kills that way.
  • Practice your jump shots. A lot of players will jump and shoot because it looks awesome. But when you jump and shoot, it can be problematic because you need to calculate the move to land the shot. Practice jump shooting in custom rooms before trying to use this advanced technique in ranked mode.
  • Practice sniping people. If you want to learn to aim and shoot like a pro, you may want to try using a sniper rifle more often. You’ll be able to keep your distance from enemies and shoot to kill. Go into solo mode, practice using a sniper rifle, and you’ll notice that your aim with other weapons has also improved.


You can also watch people streaming on Twitch to pick up a few pointers to improve at Free Fire.


Wrapping Up: Season 38 is Going to be a Blast

Free Fire Season 38 is going to be a blast, and it’s likely to end on July 31 – so get in on the fun while you can. You’ll want to start stockpiling all of your Free Fire diamonds and pins to really dominate.

If you haven’t been holding on to your diamonds or pins, you can read this awesome guide to get started: How To Recharge Garena Free Fire Diamonds With Google Play Gift Card (ID).

New players that don’t have an idea of what they’re doing or seasoned players that want to up their game should go on Twitch or YouTube to see tips and tricks from the top players. You’ll also find a lot of great advice on how to get Free Fire diamond pins to use in the game.