From Games To Memes: Games That Have Broken The Internet

From Games To Memes: Games That Have Broken The Internet 


Memes come in all shapes and forms. They are one of the primary sources of content for social media and due to its insane popularity, it has even found a home within the gaming community.

Of course, these games are not meant to be taken seriously as they are satire of the current trends and well-known figures. Despite that, these games have a snowball effect and can develop a cult following.

Today, let us explore the games that have taken the internet by storm.


Flappy Bird Meme to Games


Flappy Bird


If you want a mini game that is both infuriating and addicting, Flappy Bird’s the game.

This game is known for its difficult gameplay where you have to keep the flappy bird in the air while navigating a small game between two Mario-like pipes.

The concept of the game is very easy to understand but super-hard to master. Many players have a love-hate relationship with the game and has been one of the most downloaded apps on the App and Google Play store.

The game became such a hit that its developer, Dong Nguyen decided to remove the game officially, due to its addictive nature and overuse.

And although the game is now ‘officially’ removed, there are still a lot of knock-offs of the game which share similar gameplay and visuals.


Pop Cat Meme to Games


Pop Cat


Initially, a compilation of videos about a cat called Oatmeal. The meme videos are usually about an edited clip of the video, making Oatmeal’s mouth extremely large—like the Twitch emote omegaLUL—and putting music into it.

But creativity knows no bounds among netizens. From a homemade video, it became a widespread meme, and now it is a browser game.

The ‘game’ is where users are shown an Oatmeal picture and with every click, the Oatmeal will open its mouth once. The amount of registered clicks will be recorded based on the country the user is from, contributing to the leaderboard, which as of writing, Hong Kong being number 1.


Phoenix Wright Meme to Games


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy


This one of the more ‘serious’ games on the list. Originally released on the Nintendo DS, the game has since made a comeback on the PC platform and modern consoles like the Switch.

While we can’t say this is for certain, we can very much assure you that the memes have somewhat contributed to the game’s popularity.

This is because the characters of the game are designed to have over-the-top expressions which made it perfect for meme making.

For instance, frames of the ‘OBJECTION’ and ‘HOLD IT’ are commonly used in memes and have remained popular ‘till today.


Dogeminer Meme to Games




The saying ‘to the moon’ has been the catchphrase of many cryptomining enthusiasts for a while. And with its popularity, there will be some that would ride its wave.

The Dogeminer app is actually not really cryptomining but uses the brand of dogecoin to market their game.

The game is almost similar to Pop Cat in which its gameplay is basically just clicking. The goal here is to get the Shiba Inu, posed as an actual miner to mine a certain amount of gold to fund its trip to the moon.

As such, you can already tell that the game is merely a satire, but if you need a breather from something, one might find it de-stressful to click away.


Untitled Goose Game Meme to Games


Untitled Goose Game


We’ve had a Shiba Inu, a bird and a cat on the list. Let us put one more game that is based on a goose.

The Untitled Goose Game is actually based on a stock photo which circulated around the staff of House House, a game developing company.

And of conversations about the goose, the game devs decided to make it into a game. The game is very straightforward where the players play as a goose and go around places to complete certain objectives.

The game is very reminiscent of those old browser games we played as a kid, but this time with a touch of adult humour.

Unlike all of the previously mentioned games, Untitled Goose Game saw a lot of success and has won many video game awards.


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