Fuel Up The Cashless Way!

As Malaysia nears endemicity or the endemic phase – as announced by the government to take place this April, more employees will be reverting back to the norm before COVID. This means that more of us will find ourselves making the drive back to the office for a full day once more. 

With that said, we’d probably need a quick and easier option to fuel up our gas tanks right? That’s where the Shell Cash e-Voucher and Petronas e-Vouchers come in! Your favourite gas stations are now going cashless, so you won’t have to worry about bringing enough cash, or putting your bank information at risk with your cards.

Simply get yourself some Shell Cash e-Vouchers or Petronas e-Vouchers from our site today and live a cashless life! No more worrying about spreading germs, and no more stressing about an empty gas tank.

To redeem your e-Vouchers, all you have to do is show your voucher code to the cashier and they’ll key it in for you. Happy fuelling!




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