Fun Resident Evil Village Mods to Mess Around With

The modder community is a god’s boon to the gaming world. From the very beginning of video games, modders have taken it upon themselves to create custom maps and game modes to make new gaming content. Modders help old games to have some sort of replayability value. Modders also make subpar new games playable for the most part. Needless to say, modders are a big part of the gaming community that ensures creativity is never lost in the midst of the video gaming industry. Most of the mods mentioned on this list do not change the gameplay, but consist mostly of model replacement, which some would argue makes the game into a new experience in itself. Mostly, goofy experiences.

Of course, we’re going to have mods available immediately after Resident Evil Village was released. I mean who didn’t see this coming? You have a famous video game franchise, and you mixed it up with a tall vampire lady who’s been building a huge amount of buzz on the internet. All it needed was a little bit of time, and Nexus Mods are filled with mods for the game.  Here are a couple mods that we think you’ll enjoy. Please note that these mods do not alter game mechanics and are meant as cosmetic reskinning mods. Check these mods out after you’re done with your first gameplay or just pop a mod up during your first game, it’s your game, play it however you like! 


Cassandra Playable

cassandra resident evil village playable mod

Let’s start with the basics. Want to play as one of the vampires? Sure, why not. With this particular mod, you can play as Cassandra, one of Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters who originally torments you by stalking you around the castle. The mod even replicates the hoodie worn by Cassandra that is reflected in the partially covered player view, for that extra level of immersion. Also, you’ll notice the amount of leather covering your body when you’re defending from an attack. It’s never about the “Why” when it comes to modding. If it can be done, then let it exist. 


Count Theodora

Lady Dimitrescu mod Resident Evil Village

You want unintentional horror? We got some of that. The mod creator somehow found a way to make a Resident Evil monster look more disturbing than it is. Granted, Lady Dimitrescu doesn’t show her monstrous form in most of the gameplay which sometimes can take you out of the horror vibes. So we present to you, Count Theodora. Nothing screams creepy like the face of Thomas the Tank Engine on top of a giant vampire lady with long blades for fingers. The initial goofy spirit of this mod dies off quite quickly and a wave of creepy vibes permeates into your skin. And when you have Count Theodora chasing you down the hall while brandishing a twisted smile, you’re probably not ready for that. Run as your childhood icon hunts you down like an animal.


Ethan Winters Revealed

Sure, immersion is important. At least maybe for the first run. But what about Ethan Winters? Everyone is all about “Where is Ethan Winters” and never, “Who is Ethan Winters”. Specifically, what does he actually look like? The Character Gallery in the game only shows the entire body, but not the face, which is an odd choice by the developers. So, a couple of curious modders set on the task to figure it out. This mod removes the dark smudge effect over the face area so you could take in the entirety of Ethan Winter, father of the year. (Note: Pretty meh.) 


Samurai Edge Custom

The Samurai Edge first appeared in Resident Evil 3 but cemented itself as a component of Resident Evil’s lore when the latest remake included it as an integral weapon used by Special Tactics and Rescue Service (S.T.A.R.S.).

Since Resident Evil Village takes place in a rural area where it wouldn’t be possible for Ethan to come across it organically, you can now get the mod for the Samurai Edge. Always finish every Resident Evil game with your Samurai Edge. A perfect mod for you perfectionists out there. Choose Samurai Edge over a crusty shotgun every time. Tell your friends you used the Samurai Edge to finish them, leaving them amazed. Whisper Samurai Edge before you sleep for protection. 


Banana Gun And Spoon Knife

resident evil village mods

Maybe you’re a chad of a gamer. You’ve completed the game easily through your first gameplay. And now, you feel like it’s time to humiliate the bosses that tried to kill you multiple times. Oh, they really tried. What better way to humiliate the feudal lords of the village with a banana gun and spoon knife. Unleash your potassium-loaded weapon on enemies and reload by changing the banana peel. And of course, if you prefer the up-close experience, just use your spoon (knife) and…well, I guess spoon the enemies to their demise. Honestly, that last sentence is not where I expected to end up.


Lady X

resident evil village mods

I’m just going to say it. Lady Dimitrescu is basically Mr X, but with added charm. Both characters serve a similar purpose, where they chase down players within their domain and do terrible things to them when caught. So let’s give her the glow-up she deserves as a terrifying vampire zombie monster. The Lady X mod basically changes her original skin texture and eyes to that of Mr X, paying homage to the original character. Maybe this would stop the fandom from the more thirsty crowd in the community. And remember folks, if you try to stand your ground against Lady X, well let’s just say “X gon’ give it to ya”.


Mini-Me Chris

resident evil village mods

You play a badass character who goes through hell and back to save his family. This includes fighting monsters and vampires along the way. This guy is hard as coffin nails. But Resident Evil is known to have badasses as the main character. But the trophy of absolute badassery would go to Chris Redfield, the first main character of the Resident Evil franchise. So, here’s a mod to make the baby into a mini-me version of Chris. Watch baby Chris being unimpressed by everything his mom does. His mother’s gentle touch goes unappreciated by his constant brooding staredown. Get a chuckle out of it before bad things start happening from that point onwards, game-wise. And there will be an epic moment where the actual Chris Redfield in the game kidnaps the mini-me version of himself. 



And there you have it, folks! A couple of goofy mods to improve or renew your Resident Evil Village gameplay. Be sure to be on the lookout for more interesting mods because I can guarantee there will be more. And if you haven’t bought the game yet, what are you doing? Get the game today and be part of a historical franchise. The level of details in the game is just astounding, so get yourself a copy of Resident Evil Village today! Be part of the Resident Evil movement!