Game Day Highlights – Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin


The story takes place in Cornelia, a land covered in darkness. You play as Jack Garland, and together with his allies Jed and Ash, you set out to defeat Chaos. But as it turns out, defeating Chaos has become Jack’s obsession. All 3 of you have one thing in common – the black crystals. Are the black crystals the key to destroying Chaos?



Jack is accompanied on his adventure by two other characters, Ash and Jed. With Jed having a more humorous personality, and Ash looks like he’s the muscle of the group. A female warrior by the name of Sophia will also join their group and unsurprisingly, she also posses a black crystal. Followed by Neon, yet another lady in the group, though not much is revealed about her as for now.


Is the game related to the original Final Fantasy I?

Stranger of Paradise is not an official remake of the original game, but it has many similarities. According to the game producers, this is a new story inspired by it. The most obvious link is Garland, who is the main antagonist in the first game, who also created a 2000 years time loop and ultimately transforms into Chaos.

And of course, in the trailer we can see that one of the characters describes Jack and the gang as “Warriors of the Light”, which is a pretty direct inspiration or reference to the original’s “Light Warriors”. Other than that, the simple answer is, no. It is more of a pseudo-remake of Final Fantasy I, and it is not a prequel nor a sequel whatsoever.




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