Game Day Highlights – Stray

This adorable cat has taken over the internet lately! Turn on the “meow” and do the things you’ll ever want to do as a cat in Annapurna Interactive’s new game – Stray.

Do All Things Cat

Just to clarify, you are not a magical cat, or a cat with super combat abilities. You are just a normal cat. Now you can push things off ledges, scratch trees or carpets, roll on the ground, you can also find serene spots to curl up and take a nap. You will even have a dedicated button to “meow”. Now you know why this game is so loved by the community.


A Simple Yet Charming Adventure Game

When you’re not sleeping on a pillow, Stray generally puts you in one of two types of situations: you’ll either be running through fairly linear levels full of amusing platforming challenges and some light puzzle solving, or exploring one of its more open town areas where you’ll collect items, talk to friendly robots, and complete tasks for them. You’ll even have a handy assistant – B -12,to help you in situations that are not so paw-friendly.


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