Game Day Highlights – The Last of Us Part I

Game Day Highlights – The Last of Us Part I

The Last of Us Part I is a remaster of the original, specially rebuilt for PS5. The release date is on September 2 and PC in development.


Source: The Last of Us Part I on PlayStation

The remake has added higher quality and density into the game. 4K HDR, 60Frames, not only the characters are more detailed, it feels like they are really there where you can fall into their eyes and emotions. The latest PS5 engine technology has also increased density of physical objects, allowing more objects to be destructible in a scene. You can see the clear pieces of shattered glasses, concrete being blasted and anything around it getting collateral damage.


Source: The Last of Us Part I on PlayStation

The AI of the enemy has also increased drastically where they are able to learn the player’s moves better, adding more intensity into the battle. Another part is the improvement of Buddies’ AI. In the original game, buddies has a specific field where they know staying in that area will get them exposed, but with the new technology, they understand future exposure, which means they can understand where the enemy is walking towards and their current position will be exposed in the next moment, so they will move into the next unexposed area.

Further enhancement to the gameplay is Motion Matching. It is a logic that tries to match desired movement through every single possible animation from a pool of human body possible moves that was pre-registered into the system. Basically, it will find the best animation to fit the path of where the character is going. It makes player movements cleaner and more realistic.

New features that were requested by the community has also been added to the game, which includes Permadeath Mode, Speed Run Mode, Model Viewer Mode, a bunch of cosmetic unlockables and the award-winning accessibility feature, the audio description of the game.


Source: The Last of Us Part I on PlayStation

Another drastic change is the World. Everything is revamped. Not only the environment is more beautiful, but you can feel it in a more visceral way. Either the fresh air on the rooftop of the humidity in the damp tunnel, you can feel it. The 3D Audio also gives a better emotional experience where it’s so detailed, you can hear enemies sneaking up on you. It really heighten your sense in the world, in this character, in this situation.


Source: The Last of Us Part I on PlayStation

The Dual Sense has added more fun into the game’s weapons according to variable resistance on weapons. Such as you are pulling the string of a bow, the taller you pull, the more resistance it has, including the releasing of the arrow, the sense will be reflected on the vibration level of your controller. The Dual Sense also has a little speaker on it where it would play little audio of you reloading your guns, or from the new workbench animation, where Joel is messing with his gun, screwing or jamming things, you would get the haptic feedback on your controller too.


The story is surrounded around Joel who smuggled Ellie out from a military quarantine zone and goes on a brutal country-crossing journey. Except for the single-player story of The Last of Us, the game also comes with the prequel chapter, Left Behind, where the story focuses on the events between Ellie and her best friend Riley. Explore the events that changes their lives forever.




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