Game hot news in May

Game hot news in May

Game hot news in May

Honkai: Star Railhit by pay-to-win complaints! Players not receiving recharged credits, emergency fix by official after new character Jing Yuan’s release on May 17th.

Some players posted on Weibo stating, “How long does it take for recharged credits to arrive? It has been over 20 minutes and I still haven’t received them.” The official responded that they have taken note of the issue and completed a fix by 18:30 on May 17th.

The official has reminded that for pioneers who did not receive their purchased items during the recharge abnormality period, train crews had gradually completed the reissuance before 21:15. Pioneers experiencing this issue should log back into the game using the device they used to recharge. Items that have not been received will be automatically distributed. If the items still have not been received, please contact the official customer service and provide the recharge order screenshot and other information. The official has also provided a compensation plan where players can receive 120 Star Jades which will be distributed in-game through mail.

Chinese sci-fi mobile game “XingJie” will begin public testing on May 19 and will be released on all platforms simultaneously.

It is a Chinese-style sci-fi invasion mobile game, developed by Gugu Studio, a story-driven strategic placement mobile game. In the game, players will play Shao Sikou, discover the truth behind a series of events, and explore the relationship between artificial intelligence and human beings.

“My Sword Diary” has launched its full-platform beta! Share the game and win multiple prizes such as PS5, Switch, and more!

“My Yujian Diary” will be launched on all platforms on May 18! The door to Qingyunzong has been opened, you will embark on an unusual journey of sword control, practice together with mountain and sea monsters, hold a book from heaven to uncover the secrets of the four gods… “Monsters also cultivate truth” attracts 2 million reserved players, youthful + card + RPG is full of highlights As an exploratory comprehension card RPG played by young people, “My Sword Diary” puts forward a brand-new concept of “monsters also cultivate comprehension”. Different from the traditional comprehension that takes “people” as the main body, in this work, monsters are the main force of cultivating immortals. Players will lead a group of monsters to practice and practice, learn skills from Bai Ze, fight side by side with Qinglong, and even practice double cultivation with Nine Tails.

“Battle of the Golden Shovel” Perfume Journey | List of new products in the “Perfume Gem Little Janna” series!

Fat Dragon’s Tea Party (Little Heroes)

Mythical arena “Perfume Jewel Palace”

“League of Legends Mobile Game” Sea Song series skin 520 is coming!

The Song of the Sea series skins will be available in the store at 11:00 am on May 19 ! The on-site lineup will include the popular singer Seraphine (click to view the discount details) and the water trainer Zeli, which makes Ashe, who loves the atmosphere of seaside music, unable to hold back!

Skill effects

Passive Skill: Frost Shot

Ashe’s basic attack and damaging skills will reduce the movement speed of the target, and a pool of blue waves will appear under the target enemy’s feet, and the water will continue to emerge around.

Ashe’s basic attack is to shoot the arrow with the energy of the sea. After hitting the target, there will be splashes and scattered water droplets, and cause a certain amount of damage.

Q(1) Skill: Archer’s Concentration

Passive: Ashe stores 2 stacks of Concentration. Whenever she launches an arrow for a basic attack, it will provide an additional layer of concentration effect, and present a blue music stage light under Ashe’s feet, full of rhythm.

Active: After turning on the Q (1) skill, Ashe’s bow and arrow will have the effect of blue water flow, with water droplets. In the next 6 seconds, the basic attack will consume focus, and shoot out multiple arrows with orange lights, causing damage to the target.

W (2) Skill: All Arrows

The stage of the music festival is equipped with lights that will change after being hit. Excitedly, Ashe fires multiple blue arrows at the target, and there will be a trailing effect of water mist around her, which better creates a water light stage lighting effects.

E (3) skill: Eagle strikes the sky

As the musical refrain plays, Ashe will unleash a small blue manta ray that can reveal enemy units in its path as it flies. After clicking again to cast, the manta ray will turn into spray and scatter, gaining the vision of the nearby range, and it will start to rain lightly in the area, and you can see ripples when it falls on the ground.

R (4) Skill: Magic Crystal Arrow

In order to make a call first, Ashe shot a huge magic crystal arrow forward, and there were splashes and drops of water on the rear of the arrow. When hitting the target, it will cause damage and dizziness, a circle of blue particles will be scattered around, and a large circle of blue waves will appear under the target’s feet, which is so cool!

Ashe’s magic crystal arrow also has a variety of operation methods. Click to cast it again to enter the flying arrow perspective. Hold and drag the skill key to control its flight path. Blue waves will also appear after hitting the target.

Combat display

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