Gamer/Cosplayer Ristelle Joins Hands With OffGamers!


Get ready to have your heart melted by our newest streaming partner Ristelle!

Nicknamed Ris, this sweet girl is a woman of many talents. Not only has she been a cosplayer for the past 10 years, she also loves gaming, especially First Person Shooter games! Her current obsession is with Apex Legends, EA’s free-to-play Battle Royale shooter set in the Titanfall Universe. She also expresses interest in playing more competitive fast-paced shooting games and casual co-op games like It Takes Two. She absolutely loves games that she could play and enjoy along with her friends. after all having that one crazy friend can make any gaming experience all the more fun!

Ris started streaming Overwatch when it was first released back in 2016. In her own words, “The reason why I wanted to stream is because of the funny and great moments that I missed out and couldn’t capture during my gameplay. It made me realize that I might as well stream because I can always save memorable clips.” What started as a personal need to save memories turned into a whole community of people tuning in and supporting her streams even to this day! She’s built something truly wonderful for herself.

Ris will start streaming with OffGamers tomorrow on the 4th of August (Wednesday) at 9pm (GMT+8). In her first stream she will be playing the brand new Moba Pokémon Unite on the Nintendo Switch! The stream will be on Ristelle’s Facebook Page. Her next stream will be on the 6th of August (Friday) at 8pm (GMT+8) where she will be tackling survival horror game Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Come and make new memories with our charming new partner at those times.

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