Games That We Want To See On Valve’s New Steam Deck

Games That We Want To See On Valve’s New Steam Deck


In a time where prices of PC parts are at an all-time high, we figured that gaming consoles might be more appealing in terms of affordability for an average gamer.

It was recently announced by Valve that they will be releasing their own handheld console called the Steam Deck.

The Steam Deck is basically a console that uses your Steam library where you can play your Steam games with it.

Design-wise, it shares a huge resemblance to the Nintendo Switch but overall, its outlook is unique to the Valve brand, paired with a classy black finish.

And as all gamers would know, Steam hosts arguably the largest gaming library and with the announcement of the Steam Deck, we are licking our lips at the games that we can enjoy with a handheld device.

These are some of the games that we would like to see, played on the Steam Deck!


FIFA Steam Deck


1. FIFA Series

Genre: Sports

Developers: Electronic Arts


We know that the FIFA games have been on handheld consoles. The PSP had all the FIFA games up ‘till FIFA 14 but the graphics were very lackluster.

Since the Steam Deck has the capability of running AAA games at a decent performance, we are crossing our fingers, hoping that the Steam Deck is able to run FIFA with modern graphics and engine.

And if we are being honest, a lot of EA games like the Madden series and Knockout City will also be great additions to the Steam Deck catalogue.


Tekken 7 Steam Deck


2. Tekken 7

Genre: Fighting, Martial Arts

Developers: BANDAI NAMCO


Again, the Tekken franchise has seen a couple of its titles on a handheld device. Although back when it was available for the PSP, online matchmaking was non-existent and the only way you can play against real-life opponents was through an ad-hoc connection.

Thus, if Tekken 7 is able to grace the Steam Deck, we are pretty positive that online matchmaking on a handheld device is able to attract more players into Tekken and Tekken is definitely much more enjoyable with human beings than artificial bots.


Starbound Steam Deck


3. Starbound

Genre: Sandbox, Survival, Open-World

Developers: Chucklefish


Apparently, the Steam Deck will be able to support modding. Most indie games like Starbound that thrive on players’ mods are sure to benefit from this.

For those of you who are unaware of what Starbound is all about, Starbound is an open-world survival game that uses the graphics of Terraria.

The game itself is almost never-ending with so many different mods to try. Therefore, we think that Starbound will definitely go the distance it was to be ported to the Steam Deck.


Path of Exile Steam Deck


4. Path of Exile

Genre: Action, RPG

Developers: Grinding Gear Games


If you have played Path of Exile, you would know that it is, without a doubt, one of the hardest games to learn and master.

The sea of knowledge players would have to dive into is extremely time-consuming and that is why having Path of Exile on a handheld console is ideal.

Many of us do not have the luxury of sitting in front of the computer all day and learning all the steep mechanics of POE, but if it were to be on a handheld console, its portability would allow for a more flexible learning experience, as players will be able to play the game while they are lying down on their bed or waiting for someone at the station.

Plus, grindy games are much better suited for handheld consoles.


Total War Three Kingdoms Steam Deck



Genre: Turn-Based Strategy, RTS 

Developers: Creative Assembly, Feral Interactive


Total War: THREE KINGDOMS was making some huge waves when it was first released in 2019.

We’ve seen renditions of the Three Kingdoms era on handheld consoles like the Dynasty Warriors series, but we never really had an actual ‘strategy-war-based’ Three Kingdoms game on them.

Having the Total War: THREE KINGDOMS on Steam Deck will actually be groundbreaking as we ourselves can’t say for sure if it is going to be a yay or a nay.

Even so, with so many positive reviews from the PC version of the game, we can surely make the case that having a handheld port for this game is justifiable.


Noita Steam Deck


6. Noita

Genre: Roguelike, Dungeon Crawler

Developers: Nolla Games


Every pixel counts. Noita is known for its difficulty and almost everything around you is interactive, making it superbly immersive.

Sharing a similar sentiment to Path of Exile, the game requires its players to get good and that means more playtime hours.

The game has a lot of trial and error elements to it and encourages you to explore more which is why we think players will have a better experience exploring with a handheld console.


Journey Steam Deck


7. Journey

Genre: Indie, Adventure

Developers: Thatgamecompany, Tricky Pixels, Santa Monica Studio


This game is a journey indeed. Journey takes game immersion to a whole new level with its stellar graphics and music.

But the best part about this game is that there is an option of co-oping with other players. And if you have found your partner, you will explore the game together that is so well made with different aesthetic elements.

While Journey has not seen a handheld port before, we trust that Steam Deck will do us and the game the honour of including it inside its catalogue.

If any of these games strike your interest and you wish to purchase them on Steam, you can top up your Steam Wallet here!