Games That We Wish Were Ported For Other Devices

Games That We Wish Were Ported For Other Devices


It has always been an ongoing topic as to whether video games should be streamlined for all consoles and platforms.

Although this might appear to be a pipe dream, we as gamers still hope that console-exclusive games can find their way to different homes for a better audience reach.

Unfortunately, most franchises are still bound to one specific console and to play these games, you would have to get the console just to experience them.

Today, we’ve compiled a list of games that we hope would one day grace other consoles/platforms.

Ghost of Tsushima Games We Wish Were Ported


Ghost of Tsushima

Earlier this year, we were treated with the director’s cut for Ghost of Tsushima and it’s a shame that only PlayStation owners get to enjoy it.

It’s a safe assumption to assume that Sekiro is a game that shares many similar elements with Ghost of Tsushima with its setting and difficulty and with Sekiro receiving positive reviews, we can’t see why Ghost of Tsushima would not shine on other platforms.


God of War Games We Wish Were Ported


God of War

Ever since the start of the God of War franchise, its games are only available for SONY consoles.

The God of War games need no introduction. With every release, there are high expectations and they have always delivered. The catch is, you can only play it on the PlayStation.

And with Ragnarok coming soon, we wish that future God of War instalments will be available for other devices.


Total War Series Games We Wish Were Ported


Total War Games

Some might argue that turn-based tactical games are more suited for the PC but we beg to differ.

Total War has a large number of tactical games under their belt and none of them has made it to platforms like the Xbox or PlayStation.

If one were to say that turn-based games are not suited for home consoles, games like Final Fantasy and Persona would not have performed so admirably.

Plus, with the saturated amount of action RPG and sports games on consoles, it would be great if a major franchise that is tactics-based include their games for home consoles to freshen things up.


Bloodborne Games We Wish Were Ported



Bloodborne is almost like a game coming straight from the Van Helsing universe. Everything about it from its aesthetic to gameplay is brilliant with the exception of it being available for the PlayStation only.

FromSoftware rarely fails in delivering exceptional games and the Dark Souls series is a good enough evidence.

Fans of the Dark Souls games do have a certain expectation when it comes to game difficulty and Bloodborne is one of those games that challenge the player in perfecting the game with countless attempts.

Hence, we are very confident if SONY were to port Bloodborne to other consoles, it would definitely be well received from the hardcore gaming community.


Valheim Games We Wish Were Ported



While we do expect Valheim to be made available for home consoles, we definitely want to reinforce the fact that Valheim is ideal for it.

One argument that can be made that may cause the devs to ponder whether Valheim is suited for consoles or not is that the game is dependent on its multiplayer feature.

However, we could also refute this by stating that modern gaming consoles have amazing online support. For instance, PlayStation has its own PlayStation Network and Xbox with the Xbox Live.

So we can’t really say that just because a game centres around its multiple players, the game should not be available outside of PCs. 


Since most of the games that we’ve mentioned are only exclusively available for the PlayStation consoles, before they make their way to other platforms, you can top up your PSN account with our PSN card here on OffGamers.


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