Games With Records That Remain Unbeatable For Gamers

There are times in a gamer’s life where they strive to achieve the highest accolade they can muster from a game. Sometimes, these accolades are so otherworldly, that’s it remains unbeatable to this day. We share with you a few games that remain unbeatable to the average gamer.

1. The Simpsons (Highest Killstreak)

Simpsons Arcade

The Simpsons is a fun beat-em-up title that lends itself to all the tropes of old school arcade gaming. The difficulty of the game ramps up exponentially, as you progress in the game, to mimic the coin-swallowing schemes of arcades in the past.

Proving to be quite the test of skill, getting a high kill streak in The Simpsons would mean that you have some rather unearthly hand-to-eye coordination. Apparently one gamer was able to do so by accumulating 26,325 points and still kept that record to this day.

2. Tetris (High Score)

Tetris World Record

Tetris has been universally recognized as a game that can test a person’s hand-eye coordination (and also patience if you’re going against an opponent). So, to get the highest score in Tetris is nothing to scoff at.

Uli Horner holds the record for the highest score in Tetris with an astounding 748, 757 points(!). Anyone looking to dethrone him will have quite the challenge.

3. Call of Duty (Longest Uninterrupted Game)


If there was ever a game that could test a gamer’s limit (and sanity), Call of Duty would be that game. So when one fan decided to take it upon himself to do the longest gaming marathon ever, you would figure that he quit after one match. Nope.

Instead, he persevered through sleep deprivation, fatigue, and overall brain fatigue from the constant harassment of kids being awfully intimate with his mother. The result? A 135-hour continuous gaming marathon that isn’t likely to be challenged anytime soon.

While we won’t be breaking video gaming records anytime soon, we can still be proud of our achievements in gaming. Share with us your biggest gaming achievement in the comments below!

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