Genshin Impact – Get your Freemogems from this Web Event “Summer Night Mementos”

The blooming fireworks illuminate the eyes of the girl beside me…
“Summer Night Mementos” — The Web Event for Genshin Impact’s New Character: Yoimiya is now available.

Click Here to Take Part in the Event


Event Duration: 2021/8/5 – 2021/8/11 23:59 (UTC+8)

Eligibility: Adventure Rank 10 or above

Gameplay Details:

  1. During the event, take photos of the Fireworks Show and share them to obtain in-game rewards upon completion.
  2. Travelers can take photos at the following three locations in sequence: Street Food Stall, Prayer Rack, and Torii Gate.
  3. Travelers can take a photo at each location and obtain three photos in total.
  4. After taking a photo at your current location,you can share it to unlock the next location.
  5. If there is insufficient film, Travelers must complete certain quests to get more. A total of two sheets of film can be obtained.
  6. After taking photos at the three locations, earn in-game rewards when you share a photo for the first time.


In-Game Rewards: After taking photos and sharing them, Travelers can obtain in-game rewards such as Primogems and Character Ascension Materials for Yoimiya.

You can earn a total of three in-game rewards during the event.

Event Notes:

  1. Please log in to the event using your miHoYo Account and select your corresponding character in Genshin Impact to take part. This will ensure that your rewards can be sent and claimed correctly.
  2. The photos will be compiled in the Kamera Album, so Travelers will be able to view them any time during the event.
  3. The in-game rewards will be distributed via in-game mail. The mail will expire after 30 days, so don’t forget to claim the rewards in time.


*Once you have accessed the event page, please log in using your miHoYo account and select the appropriate server and corresponding character in order to ensure that you will be able to receive and claim your event rewards.
*PS4/PS5: If you have successfully linked your miHoYo Account, it is recommended to use the miHoYo Account to log in directly to play the game. If you have not linked your miHoYo Account, you can continue to use your UID to log in to the game.



PlayStation Network Card


iTunes Gift Card


Google Play Gift Card



Razer Gold


For more Information, please visit:
Genshin Impact Official Homepage
Genshin Impact Summer Night Momentos Web Event

Additional Link(s):
OffGamers Genshin Impact (PS4) (Global)
OffGamers Genshin Impact (IOS) (Global)
OffGamers Genshin Impact (Android) (Global)
OffGamers Genshin Impact (PC) (Global)
OffGamers Genshin Impact (PC) (TW/HK/MO)


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