Genshin Impact V2.6 Events Phase II: Zephyr of the Violet Garden



This Ayaka banner rerun release time is from Tuesday, April 19, at 6pm EDT / 3pm PDT / 11pm BST until May 10 at 2:59pm EDT / 11:59am PDT / 7:59pm.

The latest version update of Ayaka banner released as promised by Mihoyo, is a rerun for the popular five-star Cryo character as part of phase II of update 2.6 for the game.

This new banner was launched on 19 April and is a rerun of ‘The Heron’s Court’ – the banner from last year that introduced Kamisato Ayaka as a playable character in Mihoyo’s RPG game.

In this event update, Zephyr of the Violet Garden also increases the drop rates for four-star characters Razor, Rosaria, and Sayu.

As for weapons, the banner includes the five-star Mistsplitter Reforged sword and The Unforged claymore, along with various Favonius weapons such as the four-star Favonius sword, The Bell claymore, Favonius Lance polearm, Favonius Codex catalyst, and Favonius Warbow.

The banner will also feature quests such as the Vibro-Crystal Research, Marvelous Merchandise, and Ley Line Overflow events, which players can take part in to get Primogems, Mora, materials, and ore.

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