Genshin Impact V4.1 Phase 1


Hello, Travelers! To the Stars Shining in the Depth is finally here, bringing you many interesting updates that will keep your eyes on the screen for hours. This time, Genshin Impact 4.1 features two new 5-star characters as well as an expansion to Fontaine. There will also be two new weapons: Tome of the Eternal Flow and Cashflow Supervision. And what’s even better, both weapons are 5-Star catalysts!

To fully immerse yourself in the aquatic Nation of Justice, there’s no better time to acquire Genesis Crystals. These precious Crystals will be your key to unlocking the full potential of this enchanting world!

What Can You Do with Genesis Crystal?

Once you have Genesis Crystal in your hands, the possibilities are endless! Genesis Crystal is mainly used to get Primogems, like the game’s treasure chests. Primogems lets you make wishes, which gives you new characters, amazing weapons, and other cool stuff. The Fontaine world is vast and hides a lot of surprises. Just like having a map, Genesis Crystal allows you to unlock hidden places, find new treasures, and uncover secrets that make your adventure even more epic.

We’ve Got Something Special for You!

To celebrate Genshin Impact’s new updates, we’re excited to offer an exclusive promo!

  • Get 10% bonus Razer Gold (maximum of RM10) with a minimum top-up of RM19.90 using a Razer Gold wallet.
  • Event period: 27 Sept 2023 – 17 Oct 2023.
  • Promo applies only to Malaysia.

Time is of the essence! Our Genshin Impact promo won’t be around forever, so hurry and top up your Genesis Crystals now. Seize the chance to explore the breathtaking world of Genshin Impact with all the resources you need to shine brightly on your journey.

What are you waiting for? Top up Genshin Impact Genesis Crystal on now and explore the wonders of Teyvat!

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