Get A Clash of Monsters Novice Gift Pack​​ Today!

Clash of Monsters is proud to present the Exclusive Novice Gift Pack to all OffGamers’ users.

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Promotion period: From 27th May 2016 — While Stock Lasts!
The pack value = $4
Contains 20000 coins, 20 morale, and 2 level 1 Leo Charms

Official Tutorial of Gift Pack Redemption:  Click to see.

1. One account can only receive the reward once, the Novice Gift Pack can’t be used repeatedly between different characters.
2. If system’s error occur during event, the Publisher reserves the right to modify, revise or amend the event or to cease redemption at any point or disqualify the redemption in-game.
3. All event introductions are subject to this final introduction.
4. All players who claim the Novice Gift Pack shall be deemed to agree to the T&C stated in this notification.

Limited stock! Join Clash of Monsters now!

Exclusive Novice Gift Pack



Clash of Monsters 与OffGamers独家合作活动强势袭来!



活动时间: 2016年 5月 27日 — 送完即止!
新手礼包价值 $4

礼包兑换教学: 点击查看

1. 奖励仅可用于一个角色,同一账号下角色不通用,此礼包只能在游戏中使用一次,请谨慎领取;
2. 活动期间系统若发生问题,本公司保留变更或终止本活动时间、内容之权利;本公司将保留变更奖项内容以及核淮兑换与否之权利;
3. 详细活动说明均以本活动说明为准;
4. 活动开始后,所有参与玩家视同同意最后公告之内容。

数量有限送完即止,好礼不等人,快领取礼包加入Clash Of Monsters吧!



For more information, please visit:
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Clash of Monsters Official Site.

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