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Promotion Period: 12th ~ 18th Nov, 2020

OffGamers Gaming Fest 2020 is Here! Go have a look and enjoy exciting games in this Autumn.


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Atlantica Online
(PC) (MGC)
Combat Arms:
(PC) (MGC)
Combat Arms:
(PC) (Global)



Atlantica Online

Valkyria’s Blessing

Promotion Period: November 1 to November 30, 2020

Moriggan one of the gods handmaidens descend to give blessing to the chosen Atlantian! Claim your pair of wings and ascend to the arena of Vahalla!

Spartacus Package Limited Selling!

Spartacus, a slave gladiator fro Thracia, uses two swords. The attack skill that puts a high damage on the opponent and the buff skill that improves the attack ability of the allies show the gladiator’s will.


Combat Arms: Reloaded

Anubis Weapons Package Sale

Sale Period: November 11 ~ November 17, 2020

The most anticipated release of the very popular Anubis Weapons is here. Grab your very own tribute to the God of Funerals and the Underworld, Anubis. Bring swift end to your foes and revel in the power of a god!


Combat Arms: Classic

Operation: 2020 is ending

Event Duration November 01 ~ November 28, 2020

Log on to the game once a day for 120 minutes and get a total of 22,000 Gear Points and 6 Special items! Anyone participating the Daily Attendance event will get a special item for FREE!


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