Get Kingsisle Game Card and Top Up Pirate101 & Wizard101

Get Kingsisle Game Card and Top Up Pirate101 & Wizard101

Create your Wizard and go to Wizard school or be a Pirate who search for treasures in a mythical world.


Your are a new student at the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts in Wizard City, but one day a powerful dark magic has engulfed and many worlds of The Spiral has fallen. Your must take up the challenge and use your magical spells to take back The Spiral. Choose your very own school of magic and build your unique spell deck to save the world.


In another universe of The Spiral lies a place where several worlds coexist and each consisting of multiple areas. The worlds are all kinds of floating islands and people travel through the “Skyway”. But what’s most important is that these lands hides great treasure and as a pirate, it is your duty to sail your ship in midair and claim your bounty.



Pirate 101

Wizard 101







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