Get Ready for PUBG: NEW STATE Survivor Pass Vol. 2

PUBG: New State is a futuristic style multiplayer online battle royale video game developed by PUBG Studios and published by Krafton and it is getting an update patch on December 9. The game has made lots of improvements with players’ feedbacks and they are launching the update patch with new weapons, vehicles and improvements.

PUBG: NEW STATE | Pre-Registration Trailer - YouTube

Here is a list of their major changes in patch notes:

New Weapon: L85A3
Type: Bullpup Assault Rifle
Ammo: 5.56mm
Pros: Highest damage among 5.56 assault rifles | Mid to long-range performance
Cons: Low fire rate
Location: Erangel | Troi

New L85A3 Customization: Vertical Foregrip Bipod
Reduces vertical recoil | Easier recoil control
Cons: Slightly reduces ADS speed | Once equipped, it cannot be swapped out for another grip.

New M416 Customization: Long Barrel
Increases damage
Increases vertical recoil | Once equipped, M416’s muzzle slot disabled | *M416 can only be customized once per match

New SLR Customization: 5.56mm Barrel
Increases firing accuracy
Decreased damage | *SLR can only be customized once per match

New Vehicle: Electron
Type: Electric | 6-seater
Special Notes: More durable
Location: Troi | Training Ground

New Vehicle: Mesta
Type: Gasoline | 2-seater
Special Notes: Quick acceleration | High speeds
Location: Erangel | Troi (certain areas) | Training Ground

Survivor Pass Vol. 2
Character: Dream Runners Faction —— Bella
Story Mission Reward: Bella’s costumes
Premium Pass: Upgraded level rewards | Vehicle skins | Character costumes | 1,500 NC (lvl48)
Free Pass: BP Chests

New Lobby Theme

  • Winter festival themed lobby background & music and BP Store background


Character Controls and Actions

  • Fixed control sensitivities issues with the joystick controls in control schemes #1 and #2
  • Parkour moves can now be performed on doors from further away



  • Changed vehicle boarding parameters
  • Improved buttons respond time
  • Improved vehicle handling controls
  • Improved the left/right turning mechanisms
  • Changed Nova from 4-wheel drive to front-wheel drive
  • Increased the size of the Boost button
  • Changed the Boost button so that tapping it while in Auto-Drive will no longer cancel Auto-Drive
  • Added radios to vehicles
  • Fixed the buoyancy of vehicles in water
  • Reduced engine run time when a vehicle is submerged in water from 10 seconds to 5 seconds


Station (Team Deathmatch)

  • Decreased the area behind spawn points
  • Marked spawn areas with respective team colors (blue/red)
  • Changed the Report button so that it will always be visible in TDM


Merit Points System

  • Added penalty system to punish negative behavior



  1. Survivor’s Merit Points decrease when reported, multiple reports will result in a lower score
  2. Restricted from playing Squad Mode if Merit Points fall below a certain score
  3. Merit Points can be regained by playing Solo Mode
  4. Restriction lifted if score is high enough


Map Updates

  • General improvements to graphics quality



  • BP refund amounts will now be higher for duplicate items
  • Emotes can now be used in the lobby
  • Game tips will now appear on loading screens
  • Survivors who have been banned for using unauthorized 3rd-party programs will be deleted from the Ranks in real-time (There may be a slight system delay)



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For more information, Please visit:
PUBG: New State Official Site

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