Get This Classic RTS Anno 1602 For Free From Ubisoft

Ubisoft is celebrating the 20th anniversary of Anno 1602 by giving the game away for free. Anno 1602 is a two decades old classic RTS launched in 1998 for the Windows PC. The game was well-received in German-speaking countries with over 1.7 million copies sold.

Anno 1602 A.D. is a 1998 construction and management video game developed by Max Design and published by Sunflowers Interactive. Set in the early modern period, it requires the player to build colonies on small islands and manage resources, exploration, diplomacy and trade. The game design is noteworthy for its attempt to implement a progressive artificial intelligence, meaning that the pace of the game changes in response to how quickly players act.

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To claim the game, simply log in to your Ubisoft account via this link and it’s done. The offer will last until December 23.