Get Your Pokemon Go Plus This September 16

Developer Niantic confirms that the wearable device – Pokemon Go Plus will launch on September 2016 and will be available in “most countries” next week.

pokemon go plus

This wearable device that works via Bluetooth Smart for the iOS and Android, allows players to collect Pokémon without accessing the Pokemon Go app the entire time. The device will flash and vibrates when players are nearby Pokemon and PokeStops. Players can also capture a Pokemon or even collect goodies from PokeStops with a simple push of a button.

On the downside, you’ll still need to use your phone to manage items, gym battles, and everything else. While you’re walking and moving about, the Pokemon Go Plus will only catch existing Pokemon that has been caught previously by you before.

Players won’t know what sort of items or Pokemon they’ve found until they check the in-app journal.There is a chance that the game will end up wasting your precious Pokeballs on weak monsters. Before buying more Pokeballs, remember to check out our iTunes bundles promo for greater savings.