Getting Ahead: Friendly Tips for Bullet Angel Mobile

Getting Ahead: Friendly Tips for Bullet Angel Mobile


Earlier this year, Kingame Studio released the game Bullet Angel: X Shot Mission M for mobile devices and needless to say, we were stoked.

The graphics and color schemes were very stylish for its genre with gameplay that is fast-paced with zero dull moments.

That said, playing an FPS game on a mobile device can be a little tricky, especially if you are new to the genre.

While online matchmaking tends to be punishing to newbies, it would be wise for beginners to equip themselves with some tips and tricks to get them through the initial stages of the game.


Bullet Angel Daily Tasks Discount


Do Your Daily Tasks!


Like most mobile games, the developers will and are constantly trying to help new players whenever they can.

Stuff like daily tasks are great motivators for new players with added incentives like in-game resources and points.

Plus, these daily tasks are rather simple to complete, so there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t finish them every day.

Aside from the rewards, these tasks can help beginners familiarize themselves with the game and its mechanics.


Bullet Angel Different Modes Discount


Choose What Mode Suits You Best


Bullet Angel: X Shot Mission M has many modes and picking the right one to commit is fairly important.

Many players tend to get stressed out over the competition mode of the game and many players are just not suited for the competitive environment.

No worries. If you think that your skills and mechanics are not up there with the pros, trying a different mode with laxer rules can be a breath of fresh air, and subconsciously, you will be able to polish your skills as well!

Modes like Chicken Run are pretty casual in nature so it’s a great mode to try once in a while if you are feeling a little worn out by the ‘tryhard’ setting.


Bullet Angel Control Customization Discount


Customization and Ease of Access


One fun aspect of Bullet Angel: X Shot Mission M is that players are able to customise their own avatar and character to look nicer. While that might not translate into better gameplay, customising your controls and interface certainly does.

Once you’ve got a feel for the game, it is only natural that players might feel that the buttons and controls are a bit wonky.

Take the time to tinker around with the control configuration settings. Make sure that the control bindings and positioning of your controls are aligned with your preferences. 

Having full control of your controls can make a big difference to your gameplay.


Bullet Angel Friends and Guild Discount


Win Together


Teamwork makes dreams work. This might be a cliche, but it’s true. Bullet Angel: X Shot Mission M have many different communicative systems like partying and guild creation, each of which is dedicated for multiplayer play.

Know someone who is amazing at FPS games? Recommend the game to them! Having strong allies inside your guild or party is definitely a win.

In addition to them teaching you FPS tricks, having a stacked party instead of random public teammates reduces communication barriers as you can just hop on a call with your mates to get your messages across much easier!


Bullet Angel Mobile Losing Discount


Losing Is Part Of The Fun


Unfortunately, Rome wasn’t built in a day and it is most likely that your first few games would be losses.

However, with every loss, is a new lesson learned. Make sure to look back and review what you did that cost you the game.

Of course, like most online games, it is rarely a defining moment that decides a game, but more of a cumulative one.

Hence, polish your skills. Game sense like awareness and team coordination are basics that you should master in time.

So don’t fret too much when you lose a couple of games and focus on the things you can pick up as you push your gameplay further.

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