God of War Ragnarok Thor & Odin Boss Fight Guide

God of War Ragnarok Thor & Odin Boss Fight Guide

God of War Ragnarok has been released, the fight with Thor and Odin must be settled once and for all.

In the last chapter of God of War Ragnarok, The Realms At War, you will be having the final boss fight where you will need to fight Thor for the second time and his father, Odin.


Thor (Phase 1)

Thor will first fly towards you, giving you a hard hit to the ground and summon his hammer ready to kill you. He will dash towards you giving you a swing of the hammer than another. You will have to use your shield a lot to block the swings, but you will have to watch out because his swings triggers lots of Yellow and Red circles where dodging is the best choice.

There will be a short pause between his attacks and that’s where you need to take the chance and attack him. Beside that, he will also fly backwards and shoots lightning at you, watch that trace of it and time it well to dodge.


Thor (Phase 2)

After slicing his HP to a certain level, he will start using his fist and the 2nd phase starts. Here he will use lots of attacks that contains lightning, including continuous hard ground smashes, hammer swings when you get close to him, and distance attacks where he zaps to a further place and shoots you with his hammer or shockwaves.

With higher mobility and harder hits, you will really need to time your dodging and and take the chance to counter his attack well. Another notable attack is where he summons lightning and strikes it to multiple spots. Stay out of the marked spots and you will be fine.


Thor (Phase 3)

Now with 4 bars of HP left, we’ve come to the third phase. There will be continuous lightning strikes from the sky where you need to watch your ground and stay out of the marked spots, then he will zap around with his hammer and swings it towards you while approaching you from afar. His ground smashing attack has also become a wider range where he jumps to the sky and smash from above, dealing a full circle of smashing.

Thor mainly does long range attacks here so you will have to dodge his projectiles attack while finding the right time to get close enough and give him a few fist of yours.


Odin (1st Battle)

The fight with Thor ended but quickly starts the fight with Odin. He is mad that you are still alive and wants to kill you. He is also to dash around the field easily and then shoots you with projectiles while at the same time, also able to thrust you with his lance. Watch close when he dashes back and flies to the sky, because he is going to land a long icing slice to the ground. Dodge sideways to avoid it.

Now there’s another big move of his, where he will disappear within your sight and land a huge shockwave from the middle and then a straight-lined rock smash. If you see the floor is filled with purple source, stay away from it because it’s going to hurt. Except from his lance thrust, icing slice, he also has the ability to thrust towards you instantly from afar. You will see the red circle appearing when he’s going to do that, so time your dodge well because it’s a quick one.


Odin (2nd Battle)

You think you defeated Odin huh? Well, not quite yet, let’s prepare for another round. His weapon now has a whip on it, adding new attack styles to it. You will need to dodge sideways from his whip as it doesn’t just do a single hit from it, but there will also be traces of power landing damages on you afterwards. Then you will see him charging a red power source orb above his head, take the chance and hit him or burst it. He’s not alone as he will summon crows to surround you, but when he does that you will see a Yellow circle so put up your shield to block it.

There will also be hard long whip hits coming from the side, you can see a prepare movement of the whip before it swings towards you, so dodge accordingly. After half of his HP gone, your sight will be limited and Odin will be in the dark. Try to watch his moves on the whip and doge the attacks. Then you’ll regain your sight.


Odin (2nd Battle Phase 2)

Here comes the second phase and Odin is going all out. He will teleport to the middle of the field and marks spots to shoot projectiles. Stay away from the marked spots while approaching him. He still uses the previous moves but they are faster and more consecutive.

Following with more power source he’s preparing, he will flamethrower you from left to right in an arc size, and then shoots out the source orbs of crows. You will face limited sight turns again, so watch the dark closely and start dodging when you see a spark in it. When his HP is almost at the end, he will uses a whole field AOE again, and with a bit more of dmg dealt to him, it ends the battle.


God of War Ragnarök is an action-adventure developed by Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It was released on November 9, 2022, for PS4 and PS5. Follow Kratos and Atreus on their journey into the Nine Realms and search for the answers.




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