God of War: Ragnarok Weapons Upgrade Guide


God of War RagnarokGod of War Ragnarok is a visual masterpiece, but it’s difficult – very difficult. You need to be a weapon’s master to beat the game, and you need to upgrade all of your weapons to inflict damage against the gods, including Odin.

We got you covered.

In the guide below, we will explain how to upgrade all of Kratos’ weapons and Freya’s too. P.S. There’s a great deal on PSN Gift Cards from OffGamers to fuel your gaming experience.


Part 1: Upgrading Leviathan Axe

God of War: Ragnarok Leviathan Axe

The Leviathan Axe is Kratos’ main weapon, given to him by his wife, Laufey. The axe’s main attribute is ice, and when fully upgraded, it’s a seriously deadly weapon.

But to upgrade the axe, you’ll need to gather Frozen Flames. There is eight total spread throughout the game.


Where to Find Frozen Flames

Gathering Frozen Flames will be no easy task. You’ll need to defeat some powerful foes to gather this upgrade material. 

Here’s where you can find the 8 Frozen Flames:


Lower Wildwoods – Midgard

The Huntress

The first Frozen Flame is dropped by The Huntress in the Lower Wildwoods. You can’t miss this enemy – she’s a part of the main story quest Surviving Fimbulwinter. Defeat her to pick up your first Frozen Flame.

This mini-boss isn’t too challenging. She’ll keep her distance and fire flaming arrows at you, so be ready to dodge. Keep an eye on her horns because they’ll occasionally glow, indicating her weak spot. Toss your axe at her horns to deal serious damage and stun her, giving you a moment to attack uninterrupted.

Rinse and repeat until the R3 prompt pops up. Once she’s defeated, gather your Frozen Flame and head to Brok to upgrade your axe.




The second Frozen Flame is dropped by Alva in Alfheim. You’ll meet Alva while you’re on the quest “Groa’s Secret.” 

Alva is a challenging fight. Her mechanics are similar to other Light Elves, but she’s far more powerful. To win this fight, you’ll need to be on the move constantly. Interrupt her blue attacks and use every opportunity you can to jump in and land a few hits. 

When her health bar is depleted, Alva will drop to the floor and start using light crystals to replenish her health. Be sure to use your Shield Strike ability to interrupt her and press R3 when prompted to finish her off.

Alva will drop a Frozen Flame and some other goodies, like a Healthstone and a new shield attachment.




You’ll pick up the third Frozen Flame while on the quest “The Reckoning” in Vanaheim. But first, you’ll have to defeat Nidhogg, the beast that’s helping bind Freya to Midgard.

Nidhogg is a major boss, but he’s relatively easy to beat. It’s a straightforward fight – dodge, parry, hit, repeat. 

Just be mindful that Nidhogg’s attacks have a large AoE because of its huge size, so it’s best to always be on the move during this fight. 

Once he’s defeated, you can pick up your Frozen Flame and upgrade your axe at Brok’s shop.




You’ll find the fourth Frozen Flame in Helheim during the “Reunion” quest. To get it, you’ll need to defeat the Hel-Traveler that stands in your way. 

Like other Travelers, this one will put up quite a fight. Time your dodges well, especially when his sword starts glowing. He’ll perform a series of quick attacks that can easily kill you if you don’t get out of his way.

We recommend using your Blades of Chaos for this fight because you can deal burn damage from a distance. And be sure to toss your axe at him when he raises his hand in the air. If you don’t destroy the orb he’s holding, he will deal some serious damage.



Flame Phantom

The fifth Frozen Flame is dropped by a Flame Phantom in Muspelheim. You’ll face this challenging enemy while on “The Summoning” quest. 

Phantoms are unique enemies in Ragnarok because you’ll have to do more than just slash and dodge. 

These enemies have three pillar symbols on their health bars and a stagger bar underneath. Once the stagger bar is full, the Phantom will disappear, and you’ll need to destroy one of the nearby pillars.

Destroying the pillars is the key to winning this fight. To fill the Phantom’s stagger bar, focus your attacks on the rune. Make use of Atreus’ arrows for this fight. 


Vanaheim – The Crimson Dread

The Crimson Dread

To get the sixth Frozen Flame, you’ll need to head back to Vanaheim. First, complete the “Scent of Survival” favour to unlock the next favour, “For Vanaheim!” 

Toward the end of the mission, you’ll face a dragon – The Crimson Dread. The dragon will drop the next Frozen Flame.

The Crimson Dread uses sweeping fire attacks that will instantly set you on fire if you don’t dodge out of the way. 


Alfheim – Berserker Fight

To get the seventh Frozen Flame, you’ll need to defeat one of the tougher Berserker fights in the game – Svipdagr the Cold and the Sisters of Illska. Instead of just one powerful Berserker, you’ll be facing three.

You’ll want to be at least level 7 with a power level of 7 for this fight. Even at this high of a level, these Berserkers will test your patience and skills. Our advice to you – is to never stand still and take your time. 


Hel Tears

Hel's Tear

Once you complete the quest “Reunion,” you can begin the “Hel to Pay” favour. This favour will have you sealing up Hel Tears that have spawned throughout the realms. Sealing a Tear will drop a Frozen Spark. You’ll need six sparks to make the eighth Frozen Flame.


Part 2: Upgrading Blades of Chaos

The Blades of Chaos are Kratos’ signature weapons, forged in the Underworld and given to Kratos by Ares. They are a symbol of his servitude to the Olympians, bound to his arms by chains.

While Kratos has tried to free himself from these chains, he returns to them once again in Ragnarok to defeat the enemies that lie in wait.


Where to Find Chaos Flames

Like the Leviathan Axe, you can upgrade your blades. You’ll need 8 Chaos Flames to fully upgrade this weapon. These flames are scattered throughout the realms.



You’ll find the first Chaos Flame in Svartalfheim while on the mission “The Quest for Tyr.” Defeat the mini-boss Dreki to gather your flame and upgrade your weapon.

The fight is straightforward. Just be sure to avoid his spitting water attacks and electricity on the ground.


Vanaheim – Forest Ancient

You’ll find the second Chaos Flame in Vanaheim while fighting the Forest Ancient boss on “The Reckoning” mission. If you played the previous God of War, then you’ll be familiar with this fight. 

Toss your axe at his chest when it’s exposed to stun him and attack. 


Well of Urd – Midgard

The third Chaos Flame is found in Midgard at the Well of Urd while you’re on the mission “The World Fate.” To gather the Flame, you’ll need to defeat a Frost Phantom. 

The Frost Phantom fight is similar to the Flame Phantom fight we discussed earlier. The mechanics are the same, but this boss deals frost damage instead of fire.


Vanaheim – Drekis

To gather the fourth Chaos Flame, you’ll need to defeat two Drekis. They’ll be found at Freyr’s Camp while you’re on the quest “Creatures of Prophecy.”

This fight is also straightforward and simple, just like the previous Dreki fight. But you’ll need to defeat both to get your Chaos Flame.


Muspelheim – Sutr’s Forge

The fifth Chaos Flame is found in Muspelheim at Sutr’s Forge during the quest “The Summoning.” You’ll have to beat two Soul Eaters to get your upgrade material.

Soul Eaters, like the Forest Ancient, can only be damaged when their chests are exposed. Toss your axe or one of the bombs they drop into their chests to stun and attack.

Once defeated, you can gather your Flame.


Muspelheim – Crucible Challenges

To get the sixth Chaos Flame, you’ll first need to gather two Muspelheim seeds. Both are found in Legendary Chests at:

  • Modvitnir’s Rig (Svartalfheim)
  • Alberich Hollow


Complete the Crucible Challenges to gather your Flame.


Vanaheim – The Sinkholes

The seventh Chaos Flame is located in The Sinkholes at Vanaheim. Look for the Berserker Gravestone there to initiate the fight with Haklangr the Bearded. 

You’ll need to have a power level of 8 and a level of 7-8 to defeat this boss.


The Hateful

Throughout the realms, you’ll come across The Hateful. Each time you defeat them, you’ll get Chaos Spark. Gather six to create a Chaos Flame. Check your map to find the locations of The Hateful. 


Part 3: Upgrading Draupnir Spear

Draupnir Spear requires four Gale Flames for you to upgrade it fully. The spear is part of the Forging Destiny quest, and without giving away any spoilers, it’s a spear that will help you traverse the world in new ways and is forged using Odin’s ring.

If you have any chance against Heimdall, you’ll need this spear, which is crafted by the legendary Lady of the Forge.

The spear allows for epic melee and ranged combat and is forged thanks to a plan from Brok and Sindri. With that said, you need Gale flames to unlock the power of this spear.


Where to Find Gale Flames

“The Summoning” Quest in Muspelheim

You’ll reach this quest by following the main story and will need to fight Hrist and Mist to get the flame. These two Valkyries are tough, and you’ll need to complete three phases to beat them.

Thankfully, they share a health bar.


The Crater in Vanaheim

Check your quest log to be sure that you completed “Scent of Survival.” If you have, change it to nighttime and you’ll receive a favour called Nocturnal Predator. You need to progress through the favour and fight a Flame Phantom to get the flame.


Jarnsmida Pitmines

In Svartalfheim, you’ll need to brawl with berserkers to get your flame. Unfortunately, you’ll need to fight two at once, Bodvar and Starolfr. You’ll want to focus on one berserker at a time to make the fight a little easier.


The Lost Lindwyrms

The Lost Lindwyrms is a quest that you’ll receive when you talk to Ratatoskr after you complete “The Reckoning” quest. A total of six lindwyrms are spread throughout the world, and you need to find all of them to get the final Gale Flame.

If you’re struggling to take down Odin, be sure to read our Odin boss fight guide for tips on making the fight easier. 


Part 4: Upgrading Thrungva

Freya is such an integral part of God of War Ragnarok, and you’ll want to follow our combat tips for Ragnarok to use her and other characters to take down Odin. However, you’ll need to upgrade her weapon, called “Thrungva,” to unleash the full power of Freya.

Thrungva is Freya’s short sword, and it’s what she’ll use in close combat when taking on foes – even the gods.

While Freya is surely known for her ranged combat abilities and precision arrows, Thrungva is an integral part of her fighting abilities and can be used whenever she is in close quarters and needs to defend herself.

If you unlock her Goddess Aggression ability, where she charges in at enemies, you’ll want to have a more powerful blade by her side.

Thrungva is an epic weapon, and to upgrade it, you’ll need Folkvangr Whetstones. In fact, you need two of these whetstones for an upgrade, and there are only four whetstones in the game that you can find.

However, finding these whetstones in God of War 4 and upgrading Thrungva will help Freya slice through her enemies on the battlefield.


Where to Find Folkvangr Whetstones

Four whetstones are available, and you can find them in the following locations:


The Forbidden Sands

Alfheim is the first location for a whetstone, and you’ll need to complete Freyr’s Gift if you want to unlock this whetstone. Freyr’s Gift is a side quest in the game, and you’ll need to have completed The Reckoning main quest to unlock this side quest.

If you meet these requirements, you’ll simply need to go to the northwestern area of the Forbidden Sands. Explore the area and you’ll find a statue of Freyr. When you get close to the statue, the quest will automatically start.

You’ll need to use Freya’s arrows to break through the hives.

From here, you’ll need to:

  • Arrange the crystals properly
  • Create light bridges
  • Investigate the area
  • Read the Lore Marker


Once you read the marker, you’ll complete the quest and get your whetstone.


Alberich Hollow

Next, you’ll want to head to Svartalfheim. You’ll need to have the Draupnir Spear if you plan to access this area, so you’ll need to go through a decent amount of the main quest to get here.

The whetstone is in a legendary chest in the area.

In fact, there are a lot of goodies in the chests here, including a Muspelheim Seed.

You’ll need to explore the area and find the chest. In addition to the whetstone, you’ll also receive 5000 hacksilver.


The Lost Treasury

Midgard is an area that will open up during Sigrun’s Curse, which is a favour that you need to complete. You’ll automatically get this quest when you’re in the area. If you want to learn more about Mimir’s lovers, you’ll definitely want to do this quest.

You’ll need to complete the key to open the treasury door, which is a decently long chain of events that takes place in the region.


The Plains

Finally, head over to Vanaheim and be sure to obtain the favour titled Casualty of War: The Brooch. During the quest, you’ll come across Egil the Oath Guard, who you will have to beat in order to get the whetstone.

The fight isn’t that bad, but you will need to break a spell that he casts, which will send out a massive flame and burn you.

You can either:

  • Run out of the flame’s range
  • Throw your axe at the skull in his hand 


Otherwise, you will want to find openings in Egil’s defense to inflict damage.

And that’s it.

God of War Ragnarok is a masterpiece, and you’ll want to upgrade all of these weapons as much as you can. As always, be sure to read through our Ragnarok guide and watch people on Twitch or YouTube if you can’t find any of these upgrades.


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