Granado Espada Online Play Time Event

Event period: Jan 16 to Mar 13, 2019

Granado Espada Online Play Time Event is here!


– Log in on GE website and click on the Play Time event rolling banner image.
– You will earn 1 play point every 10 minutes of uninterrupted game play.
– Any form of disconnection will reset the 10-minute timer.
– Total earned points for the day will be updated every 4AM EST (Game Time).
– There may be some errors when retrieving item/s at 4AM EST.
– Play time in Barracks, World Cross PvP, server maintenance and/or MCC death are not accumulated.
– Points are earned until March 13, 2019 (4AM EST). All points will be reset on March 14, 2019 at 00:00


Top-up Granado Espada Online now!


GoCash Game Card
OpenBucks Card


Item Notes:

Costume Box – De Lapith: contains event De Lapith body costume and hair costume. These items are exclusive to Grandies.

Bristia Soldier’s Box/Bristia Officer’s Box: can be opened by dragging the item from Inventory to Bristia Box Dismantle Anvil. The anvil is located in Kielce town, across NPC Artisan, Victor (D-5/6).


For more information, please visit:
Granado Espada Online Official Site.

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