[Grand Fantasia] Raiders of the Lost Treasure!

New treasures are hidden somewhere in Saphael. Messengers, let’s become better than yesterday.

The Carso Church is making a move again. It seems they have discovered something in this region, it’s mustering a large force to go somewhere. Messenger, you need to help Shley, the demon hunter chosen by the Sprite King himself, buy her order to have more information.


Buy Palace Hunting Order from Demon Hunter Shley in the Alternative Dimension – Ancient Polar Ruins Placeholder


She will give you some special pieces, you will only need to find an Alchemist in any main city. They will provide you with an unidentified treasure map.


The treasure can be mounts, weapons, and more items that will help you in your adventure!

Quill Library has written another interesting book for your journal. Go quickly with them to grab five new quests that will help you in your adventures!


Go to Ilya

Talk to NPC Quill Book Merchant Vanesa

Choose Mobile Library and buy the new Foreign Chapter: Holy Light and Footprints of the Ritual



You will obtain a formula to create some Quill Crystal to enhance your character and Fame Quill Publishing




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Razer Gold
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