Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand Theft Auto 5

Console gaming has hit its peak. More and more people are joining the gaming bandwagon and playing both single and multi-player games with glee. When it comes to console games, Grand Theft Auto 5 ensures gamers will be hooked onto their seats for hours on end. The game is unique and one of the best to have been made till date. Both its original and sequels have been blockbuster successes. The following Grand Theft Auto 5 successfully emphasizes on this. Let us take a look at what this game really has to offer-


One of the most widely sought after games for PlayStation 3 and Xbox owners are Grand Theft Auto 5. Rockstar has officially announced that Grand Theft Auto 5 will be available to nex-gen consoles and even PC this coming fall. This is an amazing game with rich doses of action and adventure thrown in. The game is set in the fictional location called San Andreas. This game is playable in single and multi-player mode. It follows three protagonists in the single game mode and the player has the option to switch between them while playing the game. The game has been developed by Rockstar.

Game Description

When it comes to playing the game, you will find it is played from the point of a third person. The characters navigate either by foot or vehicle usually. Gamers in the game need to control the three main characters (Michael, Franklin and Trevor) throughout the play and they are able to be switched on and off missions. The heist sequences frame the story while going through the storyline missions.

Expect lots of shooting and much more conspiracy-ridden plot, and even easter eggs scattered around the map. The Online Player Mode that compromises of 16 players who can explore the open world and also engage in cooperating with one another in various matches. Players are required to complete missions for rewards and achievements. If you have already played the game earlier, you will find vast improvements on GTA Online with new upgrades and aesthetics for your character.

There are restrictions for the game to be explored from the very beginning and during combat, players are able to execute melee attacks, explosives and fire arms against enemy AI’s. If the gamer wishes to use vehicles, he can play the game from the perspective of a first person.


You get the chance to swap players for interesting game play in GTA 5. The storyline and characters are very strong. They work together to create an interesting personality for each. The characters have been exceptionally written and this is where the game tends to score high.  Rockstar really does a very good job of giving each character their individual motivations and missions.

The personas are very unique and this is where you would love to swap between characters during free roaming in the fictional city. Initially when GTA Online came about, players have to pay high fees for dying on and off mission. Thankfully, this is now a thing of the past. You get the chance to earn money at a very good pace. High ranking gamers can now get the chance to begin with improved weapons. When you un-rank you get more guns and vehicles for purchase and this expands the choice of missions that you can participate in.

When they are unlocked, they can be bought with real money or the in-game cash you earn. You can waiver the requirements for ranks if you join a group that has higher ranking players. You will find most of the players on this gaming platform are aggressive. However, the best part is you have the option to enter any game session on your own or with just your friends. There is a feature that makes you immune to damage and this is called the passive mode.

It is not free and you need to dish out $100 for it. The passive mode is ideal for people that wish to get off unnecessary damage and distraction. There are no distractions from maniacs and you get the chance to play at your own time and space in peace.


The first disadvantage of the gameplay is it lacks motivation. The game missions are fun however they tend to become very repetitive and you lack the grind to proceed further. There are hardly large amounts of money you can aim for when you are playing the game, unless through the means of exploitation of the in-game stock market which allows you to amass millions. If you think this game is female friendly you are dead wrong.

Women have not been treated well in this game. They have no credential roles to play in the game except for the archetypical homemaker, strippers, prostitutes and girlfriends. The plotlines are not good enough and could have been made better. In fact. the plot lines hardly leave you any room for satisfaction. You will find that as a player you may get overwhelmed by the levels of choices provided to you. This also may prompt you to take a wrong decision.


The enhancements to this game are different from the rest. Its sequels are better not only in terms of graphics and interface but also in every area. GTA 5 is massive and a detailed arena however if you plunge into the game play you will find that it is near to perfection. The design is meticulous and the best part of game is that every bit has been re-modeled and crafted. There are places where you generally do not venture in other games; however with GTA 5 you would love visiting the hiding places, dirt tracks, secret skate parks and more.

The details of the game are so huge and extensive that you can play for months on end without even seeing the entire content. In conclusion, it can be safely said that switching characters is the major part that makes the game unique. You can safely jump between them and know what the characters have been up to since you last used them. You will at times, encounter some random characters that interacts with you or even get pissed off at you for annoying them and this makes the interface even more cohesive.


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