GTA Online: After Hours Introduces Nightclubs, New Vehicles And More

GTA Online: After Hours is now live and Rockstar is also giving out incentives by encouraging players to promote their club with a chance to score $5,000,000 of in-game cash.

The After Hours update lets players build and customize their nightclub as a front and bringing all their other illicit criminal ventures collectively under one roof, from the Securoserv to the biker gang business. Additionally, it is a club which you can manage on your own and transform the joint into one of the most happening spot in the city, complete with DJs, a bar, and dancing minigame.

gta online afterhours car

Players can also hire Technicians to manage their other businesses. A delivery fleet is needed to move the cargo when the Technicians collect. Players can sell quickly in smaller transactions or accrue cargo from multiple businesses to sell in high volume transactions for greater profits that also comes with greater risk. In addition to Technicians, there are brand new vehicles for players to purchase for any job.

gta online afterhours new cars

After Hours can be considered as one of the biggest updates the game has ever received. As usual, players will need to complete a series of missions in order to start a nightclub. There are three missions to do that consist of fetching employees, stealing audio equipment, and getting your own DJ to the club. These missions are not hard, and players can easily complete them solo though. The only thing players will need to be concerned of are griefers, because the nightclub business will only be available on public session.