GTA V Players Attempts to Flood The City

Grand Theft Auto 5 players are obsessed with destroying the Land Act Dam in an attempt to flood the city. Grand Theft Auto V fans have been trying to find various easter eggs and other clues that the game developers might have intentionally left for players to find.

At present, they have looked for jetpack, bigfoot, alien spaceship, morse codes and maze murals but the newest obsession involves blowing up the Land Act Dam. Rumor has it that the dam is destructible comes from a code in the game that labels as aqueduct, which fans assumes are a dam-ning evidence pointing towards that.

Evidence that supports the theory of “the flood of Los Santos” looks achievable thanks to an in-game photo that shows Los Santos being hit by a tsunami.

flood of los santos

So far the dam is still standing after numerous attempts by players to destroy it via conventional methods from missile barrages to crashing a blimp to the dam and other unorthodox ways.

Source: WhizL, RobbinRams, Reddit