GWENT: The Witcher Card Game Is Releasing Novigrad Expansion On June 28

CD Projekt has announced its Witcher-based card card game Gwent is getting a new expansion end of this month called Novigrad.

In this upcoming expansion, players will get the opportunity to collect over 90 new cards representing various sides of Novigrad’s underworld, 5 new leaders with unique abilities, and a playable new faction called the Syndicate. Syndicate expansion brings a new battle resource to the table called Crowns, which can be used to activate powerful abilities of cards with the Fee keyword, a new change from the present metas.

gwent kegs

Gwent: Novigrad is now available for pre-order and players will receive Novigrad pre-order pack immediately after purchase, but it will stay locked until the expansion releases on June 28, 2019. After the release, all owners of the pack will be able to equip Novigrad cardback and open their Novigrad kegs. GWENT: Novigrad pre-order pack cost $19.99 and $39.99 for its premium pack.