H1Z1 Open Beta For PlayStation 4 Starts Today

Developer of H1Z1, Daybreak Games, has started an open beta for PlayStation 4 starting on May 22.

The PlayStation 4 version of H1Z1 will be different from its PC counterpart that was released on Steam’s Early Access together with a brand new weapon progression system, reworked UI, and new weapons and equipment.

Daybreak Games highlighted speed of play in H1Z1’s console port, which now comes with a grab-and-go gear system, simplifying loot set and stock management. It also comes with a familiar radial weapon menu so players can easily switch between firearms and grenades, along with a new HUD. Surprisingly, the crafting system has also been taken out of the game.

H1Z1’s reworked console weapon mechanic enables players to loot six level one weapons at the beginning of a match. To get better equipment, players will need to look for airdrops. Mass airdrops are released across the map, whereby players may pick up modern weaponry such as the AK and AR, and new additions like the KH43, Marauder, Combat Shotgun, CNQ-09, Scout Rifle and MK46, Daybreak Games. Airdrops function as the main way to secure higher powered armor, which have been configured to provide players with a health bonus.

Players can sign-up for the open beta at the game’s website. H1Z1 is priced at $29.99 for a pre-order bundle with a batch of cosmetic items.