Hardcore Pokémon Fans Are Absolutely Furious With Pokémon GO

Niantic Lab recently rolled out a new massive update for Pokémon GO, however, the reception for the changes hasn’t been well received by fans. In fact, it’s safe to say that fans are furious with the changes made and are directing their vitriol towards the developers.

Pokemon GO step counter

The source of all the vitriol? Niantic’s decision to remove the step counter in Pokémon GO, rendering a game that was “flawed but fun” to “basically broken” in one update. It doesn’t help that for some reason, Niantic is taking down third-party apps for tracking Pokémon, such as PokéVision, by issuing cease-and-desist letters.

Without a tracker of sorts in the game, players are basically wandering around aimlessly in hopes of stumbling into a Pokémon. If you want to find a specific Pokémon, better think again. Most players would be lucky if they even know which direction to go.

As you would expect, the reaction online towards the changes have been unkind, to say the least. News of fans demanding refunds from purchases they’ve made in-game and flooding the app with one-star reviews have been torrential.

Pokemon GO App Review

And it didn’t end there. Fans went to Reddit to voice their displeasure and help others in securing refunds from Niantic and encouraging others to give the game more one-star reviews.

Pokemon GO RedditPokemon GO Review Stats

Throughout all this, Niantic has not communicated with the fans at all on the reason of the step counter removal, or what they are doing to remedy the situation. One Twitter user sums it up perfectly with an image below about Pokémon GO and the whole fiasco.

Pokemon NO

If Niantic Labs wants to keep whatever good faith they have left with players over Pokémon GO, they need to do some damage control immediately, or at the very least, give some insight into all the changes.

UPDATE: Niantic Labs have released a statement on the changes. You can read the entire statement on Facebook and Twitter.

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Pokémon GO is available now for Android and iOS on selected regions.

Source: Reddit

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