Heart of Thorns, The Guild Wars 2 Expansion Is Live

Heart of Thorns, the latest expansion for Guild Wars 2 has finally made its way to players. The expansion, three years after Guild Wars 2 was released, is a bona fide expansion following the small content updates that developer ArenaNet had been focusing on. And in true ArenaNet fashion, the expansion is not like your typical PC MMORPG game expansion.

If you haven’t been keeping up with Guild Wars 2 since its release, the new trailer and full description over at their official site should prep you up with what to expect for this new expansion. But if you just want to see the trailer, We’ve conveniently embedded the video below so you can check it out.

Players looking to pick up the game can expect different tiers available for purchase. The Standard expansion for Heart of Thorns will set you back $49.99, but will also include the base Guild Wars 2 game to keep things nice and simple for newcomers to the game. Stepping up one level will be the Deluxe expansion which is priced at $74.99. This will include the expansion and the base game, along with extra slots for character creations, a small figure of the Revenant Rytlock, a finisher for the Revenant, a unique guild hall decoration, and glider skin.

Of course, for the most hardcore players of Guild Wars 2, ArenaNet has got you covered with the Ultimate edition. The Heart of Thorns Ultimate edition will include all that’s listed in the Deluxe edition plus 4,000 in-game gems which are roughly valued at $50.

Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

Guild Wars 2 has always been an unorthodox MMO when it chose to forego a subscription-based model and instead, opting for players to buy the game one-time and continue to play the MMO for free. This method has worked well for ArenaNet as Guild Wars was supported by fans for a long time until Guild Wars 2 was released. It doesn’t hurt that the game was actually pretty good as well.

Since the release of the Heart of Thorns expansion, reviews have been coming in from sites such as Massivelyop and Kotaku and the consensus so far has been quite good. Reviewers are enjoying the new map, storylines, Masteries, and more. While there’s still a focus on team player content versus solo player, overall, Heart of Thorns seems to be a step in the right direction for ArenaNet.

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