Here’s A Look At The Recently Released Miitomo For Smartphones

Nintendo’s social app, the Miitomo, has finally released in Japan for iOS and Android devices. Targeted for the smartphone and social media users, this experiment by Nintendo marks their first step towards a broader platform with handheld devices.

While the rest of the world haven’t received the Miitomo yyet (it’s slated for release next month), we can look at the Nintendo app in action, courtesy of IGN.

Miitomo IGN preview
Miitomo IGN preview 02
Miitomo IGN preview 03
Miitomo IGN preview 04
Miitomo IGN preview 05

For more pictures, head over to IGN. The Nintendo Miitomo will come to the U.S. next month and will be available on iOS and Android devices.

Source: IGN

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