Here’s All of The Dead By Daylight Crossovers

With the release of the new Hellraiser x Dead By Daylight crossover and Stranger Things leaving the game, we think it’s time for a brief trip down memory lane at all the previous crossovers that have graced Dead By Daylight.

For those unfamiliar with the game, all you have to know is Dead By Daylight brings all that is evil, creepy and scary to haunt you. You’ll be chased around by a murderer and you’ll be dead by daylight if you don’t find a way to somehow escape.

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Here’s All of The Dead By Daylight Crossovers

Halloween (October 2016)

The very first crossover to mark many others, the Halloween crossover takes place during Halloween and is a tribute to the Halloween movies. Of course, Michael Myers makes his appearance in the game and he is referred to as ‘The Shape’. 

The main victim Laurie Strode and Haddonfield’s Lampkin Lane are also manifested into the game for players to enjoy and run around.

Myers in ‘The Halloween Chapter’ would be able to stalk the survivors to gain increased vault speed, lunge range as well as the ability to put survivors in an instant dying state.


Left 4 Dead (March 2017)

After the first appearance of a horror movie franchise, many have speculated that upcoming crossovers would be in the movie realm. But the guys over at Behaviour Interactive said ‘NOPE!’ and swerved into the direction of game franchises instead. So the Left 4 Dead crossover happened.

William ‘Bill’ Overbeck was introduced into the game as a part of the ‘PARAGRAPH I: Left Behind’ DLC which was previously a PC exclusive. This was a memorable crossover indeed, as Left 4 Dead was one of the best horror multiplayer experiences on the market and this became a small homage to it. 


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (September 2017)

Now we are brought back to some of the best horror movie franchises. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre crossover was brought in through a small DLC titled ‘PARAGRAPH II: LEATHERFACE’. This DLC brings in the main horror – Leatherface referred to as ‘The Cannibal’ in the game with his terrifying chainsaw in hand.

Leatherface could use his chainsaw to increase his movement speed and a sweeping attack which puts survivors in an instant dying state.


Nightmare on Elm Street (October 2017)

This crossover brings Freddy Krueger into the spotlight with Quentin Smith, one of the survivors of his horrendous attacks. Freddy, Quentin and the town of Springwood were brought in as a part of the ‘CHAPTER VI: A Nightmare on Elm Street’ DLC.

Freddy Krueger known as ‘The Nightmare’ can hit survivors which makes them fall asleep and suffer some specific debuffs making them easier to be killed.


SAW (January 2018)

The devs decided to include a more recent horror franchise into the mix with the SAW franchise. They didn’t include the legendary clowns on their tricycles but instead Amanda Young known as ‘The Pig’, Detective David Tapp as one of the survivors and the Gideon Meat Plant. The DLC pack was titled SAW

The Pig can crouch and hide her terror radius which gives her an ambush attack advantage with long-range. She can also place reverse bear traps on survivors which can result in an instant kill if not quickly removed.


Scream (June 2019)

This crossover was debatable among fans as there was never a clear indication that Scream was introduced as part of the game. But in the game’s 12th chapter, Ghost Face was brought in as a killer character. However, nothing else accompanied him, no locations or survivors. It was simply just Ghost Face being Ghost Face. 

His mannerisms as a killer mirror the character from the movies, and it clearly looks like him but the line is still a blur on this one. 

Ghost Face can activate an ability to hide his terror radius and stalk survivors. He can put survivors in an instant dying state but survivors can deactivate the ability by looking at him for a short period of time.


Stranger Things (September 2019)

As Stranger Things blew up, everyone held their breath in anticipation for a crossover to happen and sure enough, it did. 

The ‘Stranger Things Chapter’ brought in the Demogorgon, survivors Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington as well as the Underground Complex as a new map. The Underground Complex replicates the secret experimental labs beneath Hawkins in the show. 

The Demogorgon can travel with portals and use an extended lunge attack. This also makes any survivors near portals easily detected. The chapter was a good run while it lasted, and we’re sad to see it go but this just makes room for new horrors to enter the Dead By Daylight realm.


Ash vs The Evil Dead (April 2019)

Ash Williams was introduced in the small DLC bundle ‘PARAGRAPH III: Ash vs The Evil Dead’ and is brought in as a reprieve from the usual horrors of the game. A little comedy instilled horror if you will. Ash Williams’ introduction just brings more fun and a break from the terrifying.


Silent Hill (June 2020)

Anddd we’re back with horror video game franchises. Choosing Silent Hill as their next crossover did cause quite a buzz, as not much has been seen from the franchise in recent times and people are hungry for new updates or perhaps a new Silent Hill game. But they would have to settle for this crossover for now.

The Silent Hill crossover brings in Pyramid Head, survivor Cheryl Mason and the Midwich Elementary School. It is no doubt that this crossover has renewed more hope in fans that a new Silent Hill game is in the works, but that’s all just speculation for now. 

Pyramid Head has short-range attacks that could go through any obstructions and leaves trails that could inflict survivors with an effect that allows him to send them to cages.


Resident Evil (June 2021)

The most recent crossover into the Dead By Daylight game sees Resident Evil front and centre. This crossover was well anticipated as Resident Evil remakes were released at the time. This crossover brings Nemesis as well as survivors Jill Valentine and Leon S. Kennedy into the picture. A new map was brought in of the Raccoon City Police Department as well.

Nemesis can use his tentacle to infect survivors with the T-virus and they’ll take extensive damage if they get hit by his tentacle again.


Hellraiser has been announced to be the next crossover for Chapter 21 after fans deciphered cryptic messages through the dev’s released teasers on social media. Hellraiser would bring in The Cenobite, aka pinhead – the man with what looks like needles sticking through his entire head. 

We’re excited to see what else Dead By Daylight will have in store for us in the future, so stay tuned!

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