Here’s Everything We Know About Pokemon Unite

Pokémon is branching out into new territory with its first MOBA release: Pokémon Unite. The title is slated for a summer release on Nintendo Switch and an early fall release on mobile (Android and iOS). Make sure to get your Nintendo eShop Cards ready for this iconic drop today!


Here’s Everything We Know About Pokémon Unite So Far

What is Pokémon Unite?

Pokémon Unite is a 5v5 multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) created by the Pokémon Company and TiMi Studios (Tencent Games). The MOBA is designed to be a cross-platform game for mobile devices and Nintendo Switch.

Pokémon Unite is the franchise’s first MOBA game and will be free to start. In-game purchases (optional) will also be available. Players can buy Aeos gems with real money.

Unite pits two 5-player teams against each other in strategic battles that require teamwork, cooperation and strategy to win.

The goal is to:

  • Catch wild Pokémon
  • Defeat enemy player Pokémon
  • Level and evolve your own Pokémon
  • Earn more points than the opposing team before time runs out


In Unite, Pokémon evolve as you level up to gain new and more powerful abilities.


When is Pokémon Unite Being Released?

Pokémon Unite is coming this summer. It will first launch on Nintendo Switch sometime in July this year. The mobile version will be available for download sometime in September 2021. We don’t have exact dates for either launch, and it doesn’t seem like there will be much of a warning before the game drops.

Cross-platform play is planned, but there’s no official announcement on when that will happen.


Gameplay Details

Unite is like any other MOBA in that the battle takes place on a multi-laned map. Each character brings its own abilities to the battle, so everyone will have their own roles:

  • Speedster: These Pokémon can travel quickly across maps, allowing you to score points more quickly.
  • Attacker: Attacks enemies and deals heavy damage, but they don’t offer much in the way of support or defence.
  • Supporter: Helps teammates by healing, slowing or manipulating enemies.
  • Defender: These Pokémon can take a beating. They can defend goal zones to help prevent scoring chances.
  • All-rounder: Offers a balance of support and offence.


If you want to use a Pokémon in a Unite battle, you first have to get a Unite license. Licenses are available through the Battle Committee in exchange for Aeos coins. These coins can be earned through Unite Battles.

One thing that’s different about this MOBA is that the objective isn’t about destroying your enemy’s base. It’s about scoring more points.

How do you do that?

  • Capture and defeat wild Pokémon


Whenever you defeat a Pokémon, you gain Aeos energy. Your job is to deposit that energy into the enemy team’s goal zones.

Throughout the map, you’ll find different scoring zones, and your team will want to either protect or invade them. Scoring zones also act as healing areas. If you score enough points in an area, it will be destroyed.

Some other important things to know:

  • All points are doubled in the last two minutes of the match, so the losing team can easily turn the tide and win the game at the last minute. That can make for some exciting gameplay.
  • At the start of the match, all Pokémon are level 1. Defeating Pokémon will help your Pokémon level and evolve.
  • When Pokémon reach higher levels, they gain a Unite Move, which is a powerful ability that can only be used during Unite Battles. These are game-changing moves that can change the outcome of the match.
  • Battling against other skilled teams will require excellent teamwork. Coordinating with your teammates can help you come back from behind and win the game.
  • Pokémon can hold up to three items during a battle. There are more than 15 items to choose from, and they each give your Pokémon a little edge.
  • You can use battle items to support your Pokémon.
  • Sometimes, powerful and legendary wild Pokémon will appear on the map, which can turn the tide of the game.
  • Gameplay isn’t as complex as it sounds. Pokémon level up automatically throughout the battle and your new abilities unlock once you reach certain points in the match.
  • Although there are in-game purchases available, they’re completely optional. You don’t have to worry about spending real money on game items to get ahead (or grinding for hours to get the coins you need to buy powerful items). In-game currencies are for battle and cosmetic items, and they can be earned through playing matches.


When playing, you have the option to choose a ranked match. Ranked matches will earn you “performance points,” and these points determine what level of team you will play against. New players start at the Beginner Cup level. The highest level is Master Cup.

Ranked players will appear on the global ranking board, so players from all over the world can see their names.


Game Currencies

Unite has three types of currencies that are used in the game:

  • Aeos tickets
  • Aeos coins
  • Aeos gems


Gems are paid for with real money. Coins and tickets can be earned by playing the game. Players can use coins and gems to buy:

  • Unite licenses
  • Trainer clothing items
  • Items for your Pokémon


The Map

Battles in Pokémon Unite take place on Aeos Island, which is home to the Unite Battle Committee, or UBC. UBC runs battle tournaments. At launch, the game will have a handful of maps, including:


Auroma Park

A 3v3 map with three-goal zones per player and a Legendary Pit, which spawns Regigigas. Conveyor belts are located strategically along the diamond-shaped map, and they give you a quick speed burst just before reaching the goal zone.


Remoat Stadium

One of the largest maps in the game, which gives teams plenty of space for coordinating attacks and building strategies. The map features a centre Legendary Pit and paths with tall grass (ideal for stealthy Pokémon).

Players will also take part in a secondary boss battle, which rewards XP and gives teammates shields.


Mer Stadium

A play off of Remoat Stadium, but this map is designed for 4-player battles. The Legendary Pit at the centre spawns Zapdos. Each side has three goal zones, and the central area features tall grass to launch surprise attacks.


Shivre City

A snowy map with only one goal zone on each side. Shivre City’s design means players will get up close and personal during battles. Special Speed Flux areas give a temporary speed boost, making it even harder to keep enemies in check.

Keep in mind that these are the maps that will be included at launch. More maps will be added over time.


Pokémon Unite Characters

Unite will include more than a dozen Pokémon characters, including:


A ranged attacker that excels at offence. Pikachu’s attacks are electric (literally) and sometimes leave enemies paralyzed. Unite Move: Thunderstorm, which blasts all enemy Pokémon with lightning.



Melee defender that can take a beating. Snorlax has excellent endurance and support but lacks in the offence, mobility and scoring departments. Unite Move: Power Nap, which sends a sleeping Snorlax rolling around and attacking enemies in its path.



Melee all-rounder that gets stronger as it evolves. Charizard can deal AOE (area of effect) damage to hurt multiple enemies at once. Unite Move: Seismic Slam, which grabs an enemy, launches it into the air and slams it back down onto the ground.



Ranged supporter that can heal allies and boost movement speed. Eldegoss is an excellent supporter, has great mobility and is great for scoring. Unite Move: Cotton Cloud Crash, which launches Eldegoss into the air and slams it back to the ground to heal allies and damage enemies.



Melee defender with multiple tricks to slow enemies. Crustle has great endurance and support. Unite Move: Rubble Rouser, which covers Crustle in rocks and prevents enemies from getting near it.



A ranged attacker that uses illusion to trick enemies. Greninja can create copies of itself to stay hidden. This Pokémon is great for offence, mobility and scoring. Unite Move: Waterburst Shuriken, which throws a water shuriken down from above to deal massive damage to enemies.



A ranged attacker that can deal heavy damage. Venusaur is excellent for offence and scoring. Unite Move: Verdant Anger, which launches a seed bomb that deals area damage.



Melee speedster that can fly over obstacles and outmanoeuvre enemies. Talonflame is a great scorer and ranks high on the mobility scale. Unite Move: Flame Sweep, which cloaks Talonflame in fire, launches it forward and pushes enemies aside.



Melee all-rounder that offers a balanced combination of attack power and speed. Unite Move: Aura Cannon, which launches a damaging aura blast that hits multiple enemies.



Melee speedster that can quickly close distances and deal heavy damage. Absol has great mobility and offence. Unite Move: Midnight Slash, which throws and slashes enemies to deal heavy damage.


Mr. Mime

Melee supporter that uses tricky moves to slow or hinder enemy Pokémon. Mr. Mime is great for support and has high endurance. Unite Move: Showtime!, which is a pantomime that stuns all enemies in the nearby area.



A ranged defender that isn’t easily rattled by enemy attacks. Slowbro ranks high on the endurance and support scales. Unite Move: Slowbeam, which pins enemies in place but also keeps Slowbro from moving.


Alolan Ninetales

A ranged attacker that uses the power of ice to freeze enemies in place. Alolan Ninetales offers support and offence. Unite Move: Snow Globe, which produces a blizzard to freeze all enemies in its path.



Melee all-rounder with serious fighting moves. Machamp offers great endurance and offence with decent mobility and scoring. Unite Move: Barrage Blow, which launches Machamp forward and deals a combo attack to enemies in front of it.



Ranged supporter that can stop enemies dead in their tracks. Wigglytuff is ideal for teamwork strategies. Unite Move: Starlight Recital, which protects itself and its allies.



Melee speedster that hides in the shadows and launches surprise attacks on enemies. Gengar is great for offence, mobility and scoring. Unite Move: Phantom Ambush, which makes Gengar invisible.



Melee all-rounder with Rough Skin that sometimes damages enemies when attacked. Garchomp can also dig underground and launch attacks from below. Unite Move: Livid Outrage, which sends Garchomp into a fit of rage and attacks enemies.



A ranged attacker that uses its Gulp ability to launch its prey at enemies. Unite Move: Gatling Gulp Missile, which shoots a series of Gulp Missiles at enemies.



A ranged attacker that deals heavy damage and can toy with enemy minds. Unite Move: Blazing Bicycle Kick, which launches a giant fireball at enemies.

These are all of the non-legendary Pokémon that have been officially announced, but talks from fans also mention the inclusion of:

  • Joltik
  • Alola
  • Zapdos
  • Aipom
  • Rotom
  • Vulpix
  • Bewear
  • Stufful
  • Galvantula
  • Corphish
  • Toxicroak
  • Altaria
  • Ludicolo
  • Audino
  • Crawdaunt
  • Lillipup
  • Drednaw


Everyone expects more Pokémon to be added to the roster over time, but there’s still no word on how large the roster will grow. We do know that Gardevoir and Blastoise will be added shortly after launch, so that’s something players can look forward to.


Is There a Beta for Pokémon Unite?

No. With the game so close to release, beta testing is now over. Regional beta testing was available in Canada back in February. Beta testing was only available to players in Canada and on Android devices.

If you were lucky enough to play the beta, you may be disappointed to hear that none of your progress will transfer over to the live game.


What is Battle Pass?

Want to earn even more in-game rewards? The seasonal battle pass has you covered. To get your rewards, you’ll need to complete missions to level up your pass.

If you want to take the quick route, you can buy Aeos gems to upgrade your battle pass and get more rewards.

To get ready for launch and up your game, check out Twitch streamers and YouTube videos for playthroughs and release details.

On a side note – The launch of Pokémon Unite will coincide with Pokémon Go Fest, which will bring out every legendary Pokémon in a day of raids.