Here’s How You Can Use Your e-Cigarette To Play Flappy Birds

If you’re addicted playing Flappy Birds and also vaping, then Balázs Bank has created your ultimate dream for gaming and vaping on-the-go. Watch as he plays a surprisingly playable Flappy Birds on his e-cigarette.

And that’s not all. Apparently, he was also able to port the game Snake as well giving two classic games to play on an e-cigarette device.

If happen to have the same device and want install the games, you’ll to upload the software (Mega and Google Drive) first and follow the instructions below:

DISCLAIMER: Flash this firmware at your own risk. I will not take any responsibility for damaging your device.


Install game:
1. Download and unzip the compressed folder
2. Connect the eVic-VTC Mini to the computer
3. Open the official UpdateFirmware.exe (it’s in the archive or you can download from Joytech’s site).
4. Click Update button then select FlappyBird.bin.
5. Enjoy (or not) the ‘game’.

Reinstall original firmware:
1. Disconnect the USB cable and the battery from the VTC Mini.
2. Push the right button (and hold) on the VTC Mini, plug in the USB cable, release the button.
3. Now you can install the original firmware (also found in the archive or downloaded from official site) with the updater.

Please note that I made this in a few hours and it’s still in beta stage.

Source: YouTube