Heroes Evolved Global Tournament is coming!

Heroes Evolved Global Tournament is coming!

Heroes Evolved has promoted the boom of Esports in Southeast Asia with its Asian server tournament in November. As an action game integrating MOBA and RPG, Heroes Evolved is well received upon release, earning praise for its high quality graphics and design of diverse heroes and modes. A new teaser released by Heroes Evolved reveals what we can expect from its upcoming Thanksgiving event. There are not only login gifts on Thanksgiving Day, but also grateful events to offer various epic skins and stunning rewards.

Login on Thanksgiving Day to get a Grateful Pack – 26 Nov 2020

Lexicon Season 17 – 25 Nov 2020 to 22 Dec 2020

December Check-In – Collect new skin for a limited time


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For more information, please visit:
Heroes Evolved Official Site.
Heroes Evolved Facebook Page.

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