Hogwarts Legacy: 13 Things You’ve Missed Out On

Hogwarts Legacy is a ton of fun and the latest Harry Potter game to hit the shelves. Magic and adventure await! There’s also some evil that you’ll need to defeat along the way.

If you’re just starting out in the game, you need to read through our beginner’s guide to Hogwarts Legacy. Otherwise, grab some PSN Gift Cards from OffGamers here today and be ready to find some of the things that you may have overlooked in the game.

In the guide below, we’re going to cover 10 things that people keep missing in this Harry Potter RPG.

13 Things You Might’ve Missed in Harry Potter’s Hogwarts Legacy

1. Secret Locations

Hogwarts Legacy Kitchen Painting

Secret locations are everywhere in this Harry Potter RPG. However, you definitely do not want to miss the following locations:

  1. The Manhole Pathway: If you haven’t explored the manhole pathway, it’s near the bridge around Central Hall. You’ll want to explore the bridge and find all of the manholes on it. One of these manholes has a secret passageway, where you’ll need to traverse a sewer. However, before you get to the hidden passageway, head to the bridge and cast Incendio on all of the lanterns. Lighting the lanterns will open the manhole for you, which is filled with loot.
  2. The Blue Door: Remember the blue door inside Hogwarts? If not, you’re sure to come across this door at some point. You might have tried already and failed to reach the door. However, you can reach it by locating the blue frog statue up the stairs, interacting with it and being teleported.
  3. The Blocked Balcony: Did you fly around and find the school’s tower where there are two chests? Unfortunately, you cannot reach the balcony from the outside, although we spent a lot of time trying to achieve this. Instead, you need to go inside Hogwarts through the main entrance. Head to the right stairway, take a left and walk up the stairs until you reach the balcony. The statue of the frog will teleport you to the balcony, where you can loot the chests.
  4. Tapestry Gallery: Exploring the stairways will pay off big for players because you’ll also find a tapestry with a big “K” on it. The K is a door that you can go through to reach a secret room. Be sure to interact with the werewolf statue that you come across.
  5. The Hogwarts Kitchen: The kitchen is where all of the magical food in the Great Hall is cooked. However, where is the kitchen located? Head to the Hufflepuff room, find the fruity picture and that’s the entrance to the kitchen. You’ll need to use your Revelio spell here to enter the room and find the magical elves at work.

As you can see, Hogwarts Legacy is filled with secret locations. Who knows? Maybe there are still some locations that people have failed to find in the game that no one but the devs knows about.

2. The Clock Tower Can be Climbed

Hogwarts Legacy Clock Tower

Trying to climb the clock tower is something most players have already done. However, if you don’t use the freezing spell, you’re going to fail miserably. If you’ve already been through the Crossed Wands tournament, you know the exact tower that you need to reach.

The pendulum is the key to this puzzle.

You should freeze the pendulum to match the symbols on the ground. If you do this right, you can climb the clock tower and find a bunch of chests and rewards on your way up.

3. Fast-Forwarding Time is Not Just for Attending Class

Hogwarts Legacy Map

Do you want it to be night? Or do you want it to be daytime? You have the option to change the time at any time that you want. If you’ve been waiting to collect Demiguise statues at night, this is an awesome tip that will make the game much more fun.


It’s easy. Open up your world map and then look for the “Wait” icon on the bottom right, next to the “back” button. All you need to do is tap this icon and it will allow you to change the game from night to daytime and vice versa. 

4. Hidden Chests and Items in Water

Hogwarts Legacy Swimming

Swimming in Hogwarts Legacy is really a “thing,” but a lot of people seem to have missed their opportunity during their first playthrough. Head over to a river or lake, which all look stunning in the game.

Now, go into the water.

Many players don’t realize that they can swim in these waters until they complete the “Lost Astrolabe Side Quest.”

What does swimming do for you?

It opens up a lot of chests and rewards. You’ll want to be on the lookout for bubbling spots, which you can enter and search. We’ve found a lot of neat things in the water in this Harry Potter RPG, including gear, galleons and chests. 

5. Finding the Book of Admittance

Hogwarts Legacy Book of Admittance

The Key of Admittance puzzle is tedious and frustrating. No one has fun with the puzzle at first because it will make you want to pull your hair out. However, if you’ve done the following, you can solve this puzzle:

  • Finish late-game quests
  • Obtain Alohamora Level 3 spell

If you’ve done all of these things, you can then begin gathering the components necessary to solve this puzzle. Inside the hidden room, which is one of the most fascinating in the Harry Potter game, you’ll have spectacular views that everyone should get to see once.

Don’t forget to read our guide on the best talents to learn before diving into the game.

6. There is a Party for Ghosts

Hogwarts Legacy Party for Ghosts

Sometimes, you can find loot chests and other great rewards in the game. But there are other times when the developers hide little things in the game that show another side of what’s happening in Hogwarts.

One of the best experiences is watching ghosts celebrate what is known as “deathday.”

After all, why would a ghost celebrate a birthday if they’re dead?

You’ll need to:

  1. Make your way to the Slytherin Dungeon
  2. Cast Alohamora level 1

You’ll be able to watch ghosts celebrate this sacred day and also have the opportunity to enjoy some of the funny dialogues that the ghosts have. You can see just how much fun the developers of the game were having with this event.

Ghosts will be dancing around, having fun and celebrating in a way that humans never considered. While this event isn’t one that will make or break your gaming experience, it is a lot of fun and something to do when exploring this Harry Potter RPG.

7. The Eye Chests Can Actually Be Opened

Hogwarts Legacy Eye Chest

If you ignore the eye chests because you can’t do anything with them, you missed out on a great opportunity to earn some nice loot. The chests cannot be opened like other chests in the game.

Instead, you’ll need to cast your Disillusionment Spell.

The spell will allow you to sneak up on the chests so that you can open them. If you’re not a master of stealth, the chests will seal themselves up because they’re scared of you. Sneak up to a chest and see for yourself how easy it is to open the chest once you cast Disillusionment.

8. Missing Field Pages

Hogwarts Legacy Field Pages

Finding field guide pages is a lot of work, especially if you are like us and love to use Floo Flames. These flames make it easy to travel, but it’s not that easy to find the elusive pages that you need to complete your guide page.

Instead, what you’ll want to do is:

  • Cast Revelio
  • Listen for the bell

If you do hear a bell, you’ll know that there is a field page in the area. The trick is that the bell sound will become louder the closer you get to the page. You’ll also feel a major vibration on your controller, indicating that you’re getting very close to a page.

However, there’s something you should know: the bell sound can be tricky.

Imagine that you’re standing in a room, and you hear a strong bell sound, and the vibration is shaking like crazy. But there is no page in sight. This scenario has happened to us a lot of times, and the problem is that the sound is misleading.

So, where is the page?

Often, the page is upstairs, right above where you’re standing, or on a floor below you.

9. You Can Donate Money to the Musician in Hogsmeade

Hogwarts Legacy Hogsmeade

Hogsmeade is filled with a lot of musicians, and they need instruments. If you want to make a good impression, you can donate money to a musician. The perk of donating a set amount of money is that you can see the musician using the instruments that you buy them.

If you want to donate money for the instruments, you can:

  • Visit a hamlet near Hogsmeade
  • Try and locate Ernie Lark

Ernie Lark is a one-man band, and you can hear him playing his instruments. Ernie asks you for a small donation of 10 Galleons. If you donate the 10 Galleons, you’ll find Ernie making a new instrument the next time that you see him.

In total, you can donate on five separate occasions, unlocking five different instruments in the process.

Often, people donate the money and don’t realize that Ernie is playing a new instrument. However, now that you know this secret, you will notice that Ernie is actually using the donations that you provide to learn new instruments.

10. There is a Timer for the Sellers

Hogwarts Legacy Sellers

One of the most frustrating parts of the game is when a vendor runs out of stock. No one likes to wait for the vendor to restock before moving on to the next adventure. If you’re trying to go through the Merlin Trials, having to wait for restocks is dreadful.

So, what are you supposed to do? Wait for two and a half days before the vendor restocks.

The good news is that you can use the previous tip we mentioned and click on the “wait” icon on your map. You’ll need to wait for three days before the vendor restocks, and then you can purchase new stock and do the same thing for the next Trial.

11. Plants Stop Growing When on the Pause Menu

Hogwarts Legacy Plants

Even if you know all of the best talents to learn, Hogwarts Legacy will still surprise you with something new. One thing that is so easy to overlook is that if you want to grow plants, entering the pause menu will stop the plants from growing.

If you’ve always felt like your plants were growing slower than expected, it’s likely because you spent a lot of time on:

  • General pause
  • The map

Any time that the game pauses, such as when you’re on the map, it will pause plant growth in the process.

12. Wait to Open Legendary Chests

Hogwarts Legacy Legendary Chests

If you open up your legendary chests, you’ll find that the gear is for your level. Why? All of the gear scales to your level, so don’t open up legendary chests if you’re already decked out in gear that is your level.

Instead, open the chest when you move to the next level because the gear will scale for you.

13. Well, Well, Well

Hogwarts Legacy Well, Well, Well

Missing the “Well, Well, Well” quest happens to a lot of players. The quest is one of the most elusive we’ve ever seen, but any wizard can find it with a little direction. Finding the quest requires you to:

  • Open your map
  • Explore near the Aranshire hamlet
  • Find the talking well

It will take a while for you to explore the wilderness to find this well, but it will give you a very cryptic treasure map.

Hogwarts Legacy is one of the best Harry Potter games ever made. If you’re still not convinced that you’ll love this game or need some additional help, be sure to watch gameplay on YouTube or Twitch for more updates and playthroughs.

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