Honkai Impact 3rd Main Story Part 1 Finale

Honkai Impact 3rd Main Story Part 1 Finale

Honkai Impact 3rd is ascending to Version Kiana: From Finality, the Origin! Except for special bonuses coming with the main story part 1 finale, there will also be new Herrscher for Kiana Kaslana and Raiden Mei.

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Herrscher of Finality

New S-rank Herrscher of Finality Battlesuit for Kiana Kaslana Arrives!

She is an IMG-type Fire DMG dealer who can fight in mid-air. When Herrscher of Origin and Herrscher of Truth are on the same team, Joint Ultimate can be cast.


Herrscher of Origin

New S-rank Herrscher of Origin battlesuit for Raiden Mei debuts!

She is an IMG-type Lightning DMG dealer who slashes enemies with a sword. Her Ultimate unleashes continuous slashes in desired directions.


New Story Chapter XXXV: Toward a New Tomorrow

Story Event Rewards: Focused Supply Card x5, bridge theme Train to the Future, Stygian Nymph’s new outfit, Crystals and more.


Anniversary Celebration

Bonuses Event: Origin, a Beginning

Specific Story Chapters Rewards: Herrscher of Origin Character Card x1 & Heartfelt Origin Stigma Option x1


7-day Login Event: Moonlit Fete for Our Brighter Fate

7-day Login Rewards: Expansion Supply Card x10, Focused Supply Card x10, S-ranker Option x1, commemorative stigma Kiana: Evening Invite (B) and more.

Anniversary Spend Bonuses Rewards: Herrscher of Flamescion’s outfit Flowering Luminance, Herrscher of Flamescion Character Card, Herrscher of Flamescion Rank-up Stamp and more.

First Top-up Gets Double Resets


Bustling Holiday Symphony: ||

Rewards: Fallen Rosemary’s new outfit Sweet Osmanthus, 600 Crystals, Rabbit HOMU Emblem, Jade Moon Emblem and more.




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