Honkai Impact 3rd – Moonshade Epic, New Character Li Sushang

Hoyoverse has just announced another content update for its mobile JRPG Honkai Impact 3rd. version 6.1, which has been titled Moonshade Epic is set to launch on October 27th. It introduces Li Sushang, a master swordsman who was born in Shenzhou 500 years ago. Players will spend the update exploring Sushang’s story, her deeds, and her obsession with the Tales of Xia: Phantasia.

Li Sushang has also been called the Jade Knight who struck fear in everyone’s hearts. In this update players will discover that Sushang remained alive all these years because she was cryogenically frozen by Otto using Schicksal tech.

Now awake, Li’s adventures continue, albeit in a brand new and unknown world to her. Her only memories are of the distant past, where she was the star pupil of the Wanderer’s House. She used to go solo and engage in challenges, but it all stopped when she was weighed down by conflicts and was severely injured.

The Jade Knight, however, doesn’t take too long to adjust, her bold and carefree nature makes adapting easier. And since she is already so supremely skilful, her martial arts level is like no other and she’s become a fan of video games too! The new world is full of wonders, and Sushang is going to make sure she sees all of it.

Going over the details of her character, Li Sushang is an S-rank PSY-type dealing Ice damage, that wields a blade for melee attacks and flying swords for ranged attacks. Her ultimate move is called Blade Eminence which brings forth a massive sword from the skies that comes crashing down, taking away enemies with it.

The swordsman’s event will be called Midnight Chronicle and it is divided into two parts, focussing on her deeds and her obsession. The story’s narrative now takes place from a new stage, the moon. It is also the last chapter in the Moon’s Origin and Finality, and Part One of the main story. Future updates will go much beyond the moon’s surface.

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