Honkai: Star Rail – Luocha Best Build

Honkai: Star Rail - Luocha Best Build

Honkai: Star Rail – Luocha Best Build

One of the many struggles of playing Honkai: Star Rail – you keep dying. That is why the upcoming character is a must-pull, as he is one of the very few healers in the game (not to mention he’s a guaranteed 10/10 husbando..)

Luocha is a foreign trader who came from beyond the stellar seas, he can be seen carrying a coffin whether he goes. Pretty grim for a healer if you ask us. He is a 5-star Imaginary character, and his Path is The Abundance which is known for being primarily healers, and this is evident in his skills that heal his allies via regens, as well as a reactive healing Field that heals his allies when they get attacked.

When can you get Luocha?

Players can expect him to drop on 28 June 2023, which is the second phase of the version 1.1 update after Silver Wolf’s banner ends.

What are the Best Light Cones for Luocha?

The best light cone for Luocha is no doubt the Echoes of the Coffin. It boosts his attack to increase his healing, and offers buffs for his team. However, it is a 5-star gacha pull to get it. 

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If you’re looking for 4-star and below alternatives, you can consider:

  • Shared Feeling – Increases outgoing healing by 10%. Using skills regenerate 2 energy for all allies
  • Cornucopia – When Luocha uses his skill or ultimate, his outgoing healing increases by 12%

How should you build Luocha?

Considering that he is a healer, we recommend building him with 4pcs of Passerby of Wandering Cloud. The 2pcs bonus grants Luocha 10% outgoing healing bonus, while the 4pcs bonus lets you immediately recover one skill point at the beginning of the battle. It can be a real lifesaver. 

For the neck and article relics, as Luocha’s healing scales of attack instead of HP, you could also mix and match sets to stack attack% bonuses. Focus on ATK for the main stats, and look out for outgoing healing boost or imaginary damage bonus for your sub stats.

Did our neat little guide help? Let us know in the comments if you have any other alternative builds. However, nothing beats getting Luocha AND his signature light cone. To aid you in your gacha journey, top up at OffGamers to give your Honkai: Star Rail team a boost.

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