Honor of Kings – Lady Zhen Valsa Nevada

Honor of Kings - Lady Zhen Valsa Nevada

Honor of Kings – Lady Zhen Valsa Nevada

Lady Zhen is a popular mage in Honor of Kings, as she is a good early-game lane clear and hence can rotate between lanes to help her allies. Her new skin Valsa Nevada, features icy abilities which is perfect for her since her passive is called “Frozen Touch”, which applies stacks to enemies when an ability hits. The enemy will be frozen when reaching max stacks.

Someone play “Let it Go” from Frozen because it is giving some serious Elsa vibes. Her first skill – Ocean of Tears, she will summon an icy whirlwind that throws the opponent into the air. Her second skill – Flowing Sigh also has some special effects thanks to the skin, where you can see the pink rose bouncing off targets. Let’s not forget her ultimate – Destructive Deluge, where she summons a circle of icy blizzard with roses and icy fence decorating the edge of the magic circle.

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