Honor of Kings New Saint Seiya Skins

Honor of Kings New Saint Seiya Skins

Honor of Kings New Saint Seiya Skins


If you got that, you’re gonna find out what’s coming your way to Honor of Kings!

New skins coming in hot in the latest update! If you’re looking to dress up your favourite hero and bedazzle your opponents, take a look at these Saint Seiya collab skins.

Aries Dourado – Zhang Liang

This cool new skin for Zhang Liang is released on 5th July. He is a mage, and boy does he look good in that skin. The skin comes with certain special visual effects, making him look exceptionally graceful when dishing out his skills.

Leao Dourado – Dharma 

For Dharma’s skin, it will be released on 14th July. Here’s a nice bonus: you can get Dharma’s Leao Dourado skin for free by completing the quests for the new event. It starts from 7 July until 31 July, so be sure to log in and grind for the Saint Seiya skin. Of course, if you need a little extra tokens to get the skin you want, you can get them at OffGamers.

Sagitario Dourado – Hou Yi

If you ask us, this is the MVP among the all Saint Seiya skins, which will be released on 20th July. Hou Yi with golden wings and bow? Yes please. His ult skill will leave a pattern of constellations on the ground, it is absolutely stunning (literally). 

Big Saint Seiya fan? Are you ready to win in style? These skins are only available for a limited time only and we cannot guarantee when these skins will be making an appearance again, so this is the best time to get them while you still can! In conjunction with the new skins release, OffGamers is also offering a special price on Honor of Kings token from as low as USD0.17! 

Act fast to secure this deal before our stock runs out!

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