Hop Onboard to Celebrate ‘Blue Archive’ Month


May 4, 2022 – Nexon has declared May to be Blue Archive month and in celebration begins the anime mobile RPG’s new story event “Bunny Chasers on Board,” releasing new bunny-themed characters and event rewards, in addition to revealing the 0.5 Anniversary roadmap.

The story follows the Cleaning & Clearing (C&C) members aboard a cruise ship to chase down the Millennium Science School’s resident troublemaker, White Rabbit, all while disguised as Bunny Girls. Players can enjoy the event story, quests and challenges.

Blue Archive fans who collect chocolate coins, bunny stickers and boarding passes from the event can exchange them for various items at the event shop including Intact Phaistos Disc, Superior Tactical Training Blu-ray, Asuna’s Eleph and more.

Additionally, a few of Blue Archive’s favorite characters are transforming into a new look: Neru (Bunny) and Karin (Bunny). Neru (Bunny) is a Tank with an Explosive Attack Type who uses an EX skill to move her to a designated location and grant a barrier, while Karin (Bunny) is a Mystic type Dealer who uses an EX skill that deals damage to enemies in a fan-shaped area.

Details regarding Blue Archive’s story event update, “Bunny Chasers on Board,” can be viewed in the official community.

Developed by NAT GAMES, Blue Archive follows a group of adventurous schoolgirls as they navigate romance, school clubs, academic events – and the occasional battle with rival schools. Players will take on the role of the students’ teacher and guide them as they investigate incidents throughout the city.




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