How to beat the hardest boss in Elden Ring – Malenia

This is probably the most well-known boss in Elden Ring thanks to ‘Let Me Solo Her’ as fellow Elden Ring player who has defeated Malenia 1,000 times! He has also received a gift from BANDAI NAMCO and FromSoftware – a sword, to commemorate his feat.

If you are looking to take on the challenge, this guide will help you out.

Malenia – First Phase

As soon as you get close to Malenia, she will start attacking you. At some point, she will jump into the air and lunge at you. Be sure to dodge it in time as you can take serious damage from the hit. The next move you need to look out for is when she jumps higher into the air and unleashes a flurry of tornado blades. Just start rolling away when you see this move.

You can use a shield if you want, but be warned – she will regenerate health every time she hits your shield. The faster way to beating her is dodging away and make sure you have enough potions on hand.

Malenia – Second Phase

After she changed forms, her first attack will be swooping down at the player into a massive scarlet bloom, dealing damage on impact and explodes. This is one of the opportunities to get a hit in. As soon as she lands, wait for the bloom to dissipate then run in to attack before she gets up. She will use this move multiple times throughout the battle.

Whenever she jumps up, it’s a sign to move. The next move to watch out for is when she jumps into the air and sends scarlet spirits at you. It will take some time for them to reach and attack you, so dodging them are easier than what will come next. After about 4 spirit attacks, she will come swooping down at you again with her blade and it will take out a huge chunk out of your health if you are not careful.

And her tornado-blade flurry doesn’t end in the last phase, she will use it in this phase too. So a good take is, if you see her jump, MOVE.

Malenia Boss Drops

Malenia drops a whooping 480000 runes, which is plenty for any character to get a lot of levels and Remembrance of the Rot Goddess and Malenia’s Great Rune.


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