How to Boost Your Android Phone’s Gaming Performance

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Are you finding it hard to get your android game moving smoothly? Having FPS troubles while gaming? Can’t afford a new phone with better specs? Don’t worry, here’s a few tips on how to get the most out of your current android phone!




Turn off background processes and apps

Sometimes when people start up a game, they are not aware that an app or process is running in the background. This will consume valuable processing capacity which can be used to allow your game to run just right.

To check and turn off background apps:
1) Ensure developer options is enabled. Go to Settings> About phone, then tap the build number about seven times. Some phones have an option for developer options within the system tab itself, you’ll just need to tap into it and enable developer options.

2) Go to Settings> System> Advanced> Developer Options> Running Services.

3) Select which app you’d like to stop. *Note: Be careful when selecting which apps to stop, as stopping an app may cause the phone to crash. While apps by Google are generally important, you can safely close apps like Music Player, Facebook, or gallery.*

4) After selecting the app, simply select Stop. Repeat until you’ve closed all unnecessary apps. Your phone should run slightly faster now.




Force 4x MSAA

4x MSAA or 4 times multi-sample anti-aliasing is a resolution boosting method that balances a game’s graphics and performance. By enabling 4x MSAA you’ll be able to enjoy the game at an almost similar graphics level with improved processing speed. Do note that this mode is not the normal setting for your phone, and enabling it for long periods of time could shorten your phone life, and is thus not recommended for more than 2 hours of gaming at a time.

To enable this mode:
1) Enable developer options as per the previous tip.

2) Enter the Developer Options tab and find the Force 4x MSAA option. Simply enable it and you’re done.




Use a Boosting App

There are plenty of paid and free apps available that can essentially improve your device’s performance when playing games.

Some examples include:
1) Systweak Android Cleaner
2) Dr. Booster
3) Swift Gamer
4) Game Booster Perform-Max
5) Game Booster 3
6) DU Speed Booster

Simply download one and follow their in app instructions.


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Turn off Energy Saving Mode

Energy Saving Mode restricts the hardware of your phone in order to conserve battery life. This would directly affect your phone’s gaming performance. To turn it off, simply go to Settings> Battery> Power Saving Mode and turn it off.

Try these tips out and you may find your games running smoother. Do note that increased game performance typically means reduced battery life and also higher phone temperatures, so be sure to moderate your gaming time while trying out these tips. Enjoy your increased phone performance with some new Android games. You can buy them or any in game purchases with our Google Play gift cards below:

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