How to Find All the Badges in Stray

Stray All Badges

Stray is an absolute Internet sensation, and it’s adorable and challenging. If you’re just starting the game, be sure to read through our 7 essential tips guide before you start Stray. However, even the tips won’t be enough to find all of the badges in the game.

Stray’s awesome cyberpunk world is filled with six badges that you’ll need to find by:

  • Exploring
  • Completing side quests


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Guide to Find ALL 6 Badges in Stray 

1. Music Badge

The Music Badge is one of the first badges that you’ll want to obtain. Morusque will give you the badge when you find all of the eight music sheets in the Slums. If you’ve found Morusque, this is where you’ll find the first music sheet.

What you’ll want to do is:

  • Look around.
  • Find the soda machine right across from you.
  • Grab an energy drink.
  • Run to the Azooz’s shop.
  • Purchase the Music Sheet with the energy drink.
  • If you can’t find Azooz’s shop, you’ll want to run across the courtyard near the elevator. Azooz’s shop is on the other side.


Momo’s Apartment

Next, you’ll want to run to Momo’s apartment and find the back rooms. Scour the shelves and you’ll find the sheet on them. If you haven’t been to the apartment before, it’s the building with the orange sign.

Once inside, you’ll want to go down the hallway right near the kitchen, jump on the boxes and get your sheets.


Clem’s Notes

Did you find Clem’s notes yet? If so, go back to this apartment. The easiest way to identify it is by finding the blue frowny face on the building. The sign is painted on the building, so try finding it from the roof.

  • Go inside the building and find the bed.
  • You’ll find the sheet on the shelf, waiting for you to pick it up.


Balcony Near Clem’s Apartment

Since you’re already at Clem’s, you’ll want to look for the balcony to the right of the apartment. Climb up on the balcony, and you’ll find the Music Sheet on the table.


Head to the Bar

Make your way to the bar and go to the second floor. Walk around until you find the booth and the music sheet.


First Floor

Don’t leave the bar just yet. Instead, make your way down to the first level of the bar. You’ll want to inspect the paintings to find a code behind one of them. The code will lead you to a safe where Morusque is located.

Enter the code for the safe, and you’ll find your precious sheet inside.


Elliot Programming

Elliot’s Programming has a music sheet underneath a yellow sign, but you’ll need to get there first. You can get there by going to the courtyard elevator. From here, make your way to the bar and then turn left and right.

You should see the Elliot Programming shop with the yellow sign underneath it. Scratch on the door to be let in.

This is where you’ll find the music sheet. It’s super easy to miss this location, but you’ll know that you went too far if you see robots.


Doc’s Notes Apartment

Do you remember the apartment where you found Doc’s notes? You’ll want to go back to this apartment and find the library and the piano. Your sheet is naturally on the piano. You can enter the apartment by locating the Outsider symbol and going through the window. 

Whew, the Music Badge takes quite a while to obtain, but the rest of the badges are a lot easier to obtain.


2. Outsider Badge

The Outsider Badge is one of the easiest to obtain, and all you need to do is follow the main storyline. If you get through Chapter 6, you’ll receive the badge. Chapter 6 is where you return to the Slums, and you’ll need to locate a secret lab.

During this chapter, you’ll need to go to Momo’s place, and this is where one of the music sheets is already.

However, you will want to pick up the Memory, too, if you haven’t.

Aside from this quick tip, just follow through the chapter and you’ll get your badge at the end of the chapter. Seamus will give you the badge so that you can identify yourself. 


3. Plant Badge

When you leave the Slums, you’ll find Antvillage. The village is where you want to go for the Plant Badge. However, this is more of a quest because Malo needs a few items:

  • Yellow plant
  • Red plant
  • Purple plant


You’ll need to get all of the plants before Malo gives you your badge. There’s a good chance that you’ll come across these plants naturally, but they can be a little tricky to find. Let’s see how to find the plants in Stray.


Red Plant Location

Find the two robots that are playing. Behind these two, you’ll find a bucket elevator, which is where you want to jump. Once inside the elevator, you’ll want to look for the two robots that seem like they’re looking for something.

There is a tree right next to these two robots.

Jump in the tree and find the first of three plants that Malo is requesting from you.


Yellow Plant Location

Head over to Zbaltazar, right past the bar. You’ll want to:

  • Walk around.
  • Pass the couch.
  • Find the shelf behind the bar.
  • Walk onto the pipe.
  • Pick up the yellow plant.


Finally, there’s just one plant left to get.


Purple Plant Location

Remember the two robots playing when you went to get the red plant? Go back to this location. Right next to these two, you’ll find a branch to the left to climb on. The plant is right there for the taking.

Once you have the Plant Badge, you’re halfway to having all of the badges in the game. If you’re stressed trying to find all of the badges as quickly as possible, remember to put down the Stray cat game and have fun.


4. Police Badge

The Police Badge isn’t as complex to obtain as some of the other options, but it’s a little difficult to find. You’ll find the Police Badge by going to Midtown. You’ll want to:

  • Find the clothing shop.
  • Keep going until you find the alleyway.
  • Take a left and jump on the table.
  • Make your way across the air conditioners/roofs.
  • Find the window with two bars.
  • Enter the window.


Whew, once inside, you’ll find a broken robot on the floor. Your badge is on the broken robot. It’s an easy badge to overlook because you need to be an explorer to really find some of these badges. 


5. Cat Badge

Cat Badge will require some work on your part, so be prepared to stay in Midtown a little longer. You’ll want to make your way to Shop Street and begin walking around. You should see robots talking near the convenience store.

This is where you’ll want to go.

Once inside, jump on the counter and find the sign and note. You’ll find that there’s a code on the note, and while it’s a little tricky to read, you’ll find it there if you look close enough. The code is in reverse, so be sure to remember the numbers in reverse order.

What can this code be for?

A safe. You’ll want to climb the shelves in the corner until you find a safe. You’ll want to enter in the safe code, which was on the back of the note that you tore down.

Inside the safe is your Cat Badge.

Finally, we can move to the next and final badge, which also happens to be in Midtown.


6. Neco Badge

Can you guess where you’ll find this badge? 

The Neco Facility.

During the main campaign of the game, you’ll break into Neco. This part of the game is a lot of fun because you’ll need to sneak around and locate the worker that leans against the rail. The worker will need a little help finding his keys.

And he doesn’t want anyone else, especially those pesky sentry bots, to know that he lost the keys.

You’ll need to remain stealth during this part and follow these few points:

  1. Sneak around until you need to hide from the sentry bots near the conveyor belt.
  2. Continue going until you hit the end of the platform.
  3. Jump on the barrels to get to the next area.
  4. However, once you jump on the first barrel, jump to the one on your right.
  5. Find the trash pile.
  6. Locate the worker’s keys.


Now, you need to make your way back to the worker, following the same path that you followed to get to the keys. Once you return the keys, you’ll get the Neco Badge that you need to complete all of the badges.


Tips for Anyone Playing Stray for the First Time

Everyone who plays Stray says that there are a few things they wish they knew when they first started playing the game. If you’re new or a seasoned player, the following tips will help you master gameplay and make the most out of the game:

  • Jumping. Cats are like ninjas, and their strength comes from their ability to make jumps. You’ll make every jump, and if you want to chain jumps together, you’ll need to hold down the “X” button. Holding the button down will allow you to chain the jumps together. You’ll find that the only time you’ll fall is when it’s scripted. Otherwise, you can’t fall in Stray, so don’t worry about it damaging you.
  • Talk to everyone. In some games, you can ignore the NPCs because they don’t provide any great insight into the game. However, the Companions in the game seem to always have something good and useful to say. These NPCs provide hints on what you need to do next in the game.
  • Write things down. Seriously. You’ll get a bunch of codes for safes and receive information that you’ll forget and need to run back to get again if you forget. Many players recommend writing down some of the tips from NPCs or notes that you find.
  • Do cat things. It’s not often that gamers get to play as a cat, and you need to really have the mindset of a cat to make your way through the game. For example, you might knock down a few items and this sets off a side question. You can also scratch doors, triggering one of the Companions to open it up. You need to be sure to scratch with both paws to have the door opened if it will open. Also, you can meow at some points in the game to summon enemies.
  • Look for tassels. Sometimes, you’ll notice that there are tassels hanging. These tassels make up for the lack of a map or any direction in the game. You can follow the tassels to find climbing routes. When you’re stuck, search out the tassels and follow them to see if they lead to the next part of the game or quest.
  • Scratch shades. Remember that you need to do cat things. One thing that cat owners hate is when their cat scratches the shades, but it’s something that you need to do in the game. You can often scratch interior shades to reveal shortcuts that make traversing the chapter much easier.


Finally, before you stop reading, be sure to explore. Stray has a great way of hiding items, and exploring will make the game a lot more fun to play.

If you follow the recommendations above, you’ll have an easy time mastering the Stray Cat game and getting all of the badges. As always, if you’re stuck and can’t find the badge, be sure to watch YouTube or Twitch.

Streamers can help you find the badge with playthroughs and show you the latest updates.

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