How to Find Every Weapon in High on Life

High on Life came out in December 2022, and it’s a blast. The game is a first-person shooter that is called the “Rick and Morty game” because it is from Mark Justin Roiland, the co-creator of the animated series.

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In this guide, we’re going to explain how to find all High on Life weapons because you deserve to experience all of them

Wait, are you new to High on Life and have no idea what you’re doing? We have you covered with our in-depth beginner’s guide.


Find Every Weapon in High on Life in 2023  

Each weapon in High on Life has its own saying and objects to shoot. In order to beat the G3, you’ll need to use the right weapons. Thankfully, there are only five weapons that you need to find, and all of them are relatively easy to unlock.

Let’s begin with Kenny.



Kenny is a weapon that will be with you throughout the entire game, and it’s almost impossible to miss (can you even miss it?). Similar to a pistol, Kenny will be your narrator and guide, and he is available immediately after the prologue.

He offers decent:

  • Damage
  • Firing speed


He also has a high ammo capacity, and his Globshot ability will launch enemies into the air and is a go-to in boss fights.

At the start of the game when the G3 invade, you’ll find an alien worker who has been attacked for no reason. Naturally, you’ll want to run to the worker and learn its fate. This is where you’ll find Kenny.



Knifey is in the Slums, and he’s your melee option when your enemies are too close, or you’ve run out of ammo and need a way to take down your foes. The good news is that you’ll find Knifey pretty early on in the game because The Slums is where your first mission is located.

But Knifey is even more important because he can help you in several other ways, such as:

  • Open Luglox chests
  • Grapple points


However, you also need to be careful because this violent hunting knife does leave you open to damage if you’re caught running around with him. Knifey is the perfect choice when going in for a kill, but he does have a slower attack speed, so be cautious when using him versus a group of enemies.

Obtaining Knifey requires you to meet Gene and defeat 9-Torg.

You’ll hear of a backroom deal where people are selling Gene’s knife. You’ll need to make your way into the sale by convincing the sellers to allow you in. Once you do this, you can then inspect the knife and kill the sellers.

That’s it. You’ll have Knifey by your side for the remainder of the game.


Shotgun-style Gus

Krubis needs to be taken down, but this can only happen in High on Life when you’ve become a bounty hunter. You have a lot of G3 that you would like to kill, and there are many others that have put bounties on their heads.

When you have the choice of G3 members to hunt down and kill, be sure to choose Krubis.

Krubis is in the mining facilities. Hunt him down, kill him and then you’ll unlock Gus. Gus is a slug (or similar to it) creature that is quite friendly, unlike Knifey. When you need to attack at close range, you’ll pull Gus out and shoot him like a shotgun.

The main things to remember about Gus are he’s:

  • Very short range
  • A massive damage dealer


Unfortunately, the creators of the game do not want you to be too overpowered, so they made sure that Gus has a low ammo capacity and fire rate. He will help you in certain situations, but you don’t want to rely on him when you need to get off a lot of fast shots.

With that said, he does have a spread shot, which will help you do a ton of damage to groups.

Disc launcher is also neat and will hit walls and enemies to do a lot of group damage. You’ll find that Gus is a good weapon by your side and happy that you’ve rescued him. You’ll also receive 1,500 Pesos for finishing the bounty. 



Sweezy can be best compared to an assault rifle. She fires quickly, but her rounds have slightly lower damage. One nifty thing she does is embed crystals into enemies. These crystals can be detonated to deal even more damage.

Sweezy’s main ability is a time bubble, which will slow enemies and even objects caught inside. And her charged shot can hit enemies behind cover. 

Overall, Sweezy is a pretty versatile and useful weapon to have in High on Life.

You can acquire Sweezy during the Douglas Bounty. Douglas is a pretty challenging enemy, and you’ll need to be quick on your feet to defeat him. But once defeated, you can collect his DNA and convince Sweezy to help you.



You can find Creature during the bounty for Skrendel Bros back on Zephyr. Creature is an explosive-type weapon that acts similarly to a rocket or grenade. But instead of actual fire explosives, Creature shoots out his own children.

All of these tiny creatures will rush out and attack all of the enemies in their path. You can also use these little guys to open up passages and doors. In addition, Creature can send out a special child with mind control powers that stun enemies. It’s a helpful weapon to use as a support tool.

You’ll find Creature inside the Space Science Center’s Weapon Lab. To unlock the lab, you’ll need to flip a switch in the control room. There are two switches here. One will open up a different lab, and one will open up the Weapon Lab.

Once you’re in the lab, you’ll find Creature bound by some wires. Free him, and you’ll be able to use him throughout the rest of the game.



Lezduit is a super powerful weapon that can take down squads of enemies with its lightning strikes. Naturally, you won’t get a weapon as powerful as this until the end of the game.

That’s right – you won’t be able to use Lezduit until the final mission of High on Life. 

While on the way to the final boss fight, you’ll come across the bounty for Dr. Giblets. But in order to use this weapon, Gene will need to patch Lezduit up. You’ll have to go through a whole other bounty and story mission before you can fix him up for the final fight.

It’s worth the effort to go through the bounty and mission, as Lezduit will make the last mission so much easier. 


9 Tips for First-time Players to Make the Game Even Better

Want to improve your gaming experience for High on Life? These 9 tips will make the game even better for newbies.


1. Don’t Worry About Fall Damage

Unlike other games, High on Life doesn’t punish you for taking a shortcut down. There’s no need to worry about fall damage here, so feel free to jump off a roof’s edge if you’re looking for a quicker route. 

Just keep in mind that if you fall into water or another hazardous substance, you will take some damage, but that damage won’t be from the fall itself.


2. Explore!

Once you’ve defeated Douglas (Port Terrine) or Krubis (Zephyr Paradise), you can explore the world freely. You may not be able to unlock everything yet (you’ll need all of the weapons to do that), but you can reach new areas and gather loot from Lugloxes.

Spend some time exploring Zephyr Paradise especially because you’ll find lots of valuable Lugloxes there.


3. Make Use of Knifey’s Traversal 

While you’re out exploring, make full use of Knifey to open those Lugloxes you find. Lugloxes will usually contain currency that you can use at the Pawn Shop, but they may also drop collectables or upgrades. 

Use your Info Scanner to find the locations of these chests.


4. Make Full Use of Your Info Scanner

Speaking of the Info Scanner, make sure that you use it – and use it often. Your Info Scanner is the only way to find your objective and those sweet Lugloxes.


5. Visit the Pawn Shop Often

You’ll find lots of shops in High on Life, but Mr. Keeps Pawn Shop is one that you’ll want to visit often. 

The Pawn Shop has the most content to purchase, and you’ll often find new items or upgrades to buy. Whenever you’re back in Blip City, check in to see whether there are any new items in the shop.


6. Adjust the Chatter Settings

One of the quirky and fun parts of High on Life is the chatter, both from enemies and your weapons. But after a while, the chatter can get a little, well, annoying.

Fortunately, you can adjust these settings after you’ve moved past the intro and left the planet. We recommend setting chatter to Occasional, but you can also shut it off entirely if you want.


7. Knifey is Also Good for Defense

Knifey loves to remind you of how much he loves stabbing things, but he’s also great for defence. Against some bosses and enemies, you can use Knifey to deflect and block attacks. With deflection, you can use enemy attacks against them.

And don’t forget that you can also use Knifey as a shield.


8. Choose Your Boss Fight Order Carefully

One cool thing about High on Life is that you have a lot of control over the order of the bosses you fight. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can just pick and choose whichever one you want, whenever you want.

The G3 Cartel has plenty of leaders to take down, but you still want to choose the order of the boss fights carefully. 

It makes sense to start with the easiest fight and work your way up to the most challenging ones. 

After defeating the intro boss Torg-9, try going after Krubis next so that you can acquire Gus the shotgun. Once Krubis is down, consider defeating the following bosses in this order:

  • Douglas
  • Dr. Giblets
  • Skrendel Bros
  • Nibulon
  • Garmantuous


Of course, you’re free to choose whichever path you want, but if you find yourself struggling to progress, it may be worth it to switch paths. But following this order will make the fights less challenging and allow you to focus more on the humour and fun of High on Life.


9. Enjoy the Game

High on Life is a game that you can rush through or just play in a relaxed manner and really enjoy it. You’ll see just below that the game isn’t like other titles that are coming out with 50 – 100+ hours of playtime.

If you spend a single weekend playing High on Life, you can definitely beat it.

However, what’s the fun in speed-running a game like this? High on Life adds a lot of comedy to the game and you’ll even be reminded of going too fast in the game if you’re trying to speed run through it.

Instead, traverse the world looking for Easter eggs or even turn on the TV and watch some shows on it (in the game, of course).

The characters and world around you are utterly ridiculous for a reason, so give yourself time to play the game and only spend an hour or two in the game at a time.

High on Life is a fun, quick game (about 15 hours) and a nice way to change things up if you’re used to playing 100+ hour games. Finding all of the weapons is just part of the fun. Use our guide to snag all of the weapons in this game, and be sure to check out our other weapons guides, like this one: 7 Best Weapons for Monster Hunter.

Don’t forget to watch more gameplays and streamers on Twitch or YouTube for more updates and playthroughs for High on Life.