How to Get All Endings in Armored Core 6

Armored Core 6 throws you into a world of consequences for the decisions that you make. If you’re lucky enough to beat the game, you’ll be in for a surprise: multiple ending options. You may have one of the three endings, meaning that if you play it through once, you’ll likely miss out on epic endings.

Don’t worry, we’re going to explain how to get each ending and what it entails with as little spoilers as possible.

Each of the three endings will require you to take certain actions to unlock them.

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Ending 1 (Fires of Raven Ending)

fire armored cored ending
Photo Credits: Bandai Namco Entertainment

Unfortunately, the Fires of Raven ending is not good. You’ll find that it’s easy to obtain this ending, and if it’s easy, it’s not worth it – right? But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t spend the time to get this ending and see it for yourself.

You’ll need to make three main choices in the game to get the first ending.

Chapter 3, Mission 22 – Kill the Enforcement Squad

You’ll need to destroy the special forces craft (don’t) or kill the enforcement squad. Killing the squad is the best course of action and what you need to do to unlock this ending. You’ll want to follow these tips to make quick work of the enforcement squad:

  • Kill the mechs near you – all of them
  • Climb to where you see the market
  • Be cautious near the door because you’re walking into an ambush

If you survive the ambush, you’ll need to keep making your way through the facility and will come across heavy cavalry. You’ll find this group of foes rather easy to take down and will finish the mission shortly.

Chapter 4, Mission 31 – Intercept the Redguns

You’ll find that intercepting the Redguns will test your patience. Many players struggle to complete this mission and often run out of ammo before the boss is down. Once the last wave of mobs comes into the fight, you’ll end up using all of your repair kits and not having enough resources to kill the boss.

This mission is difficult for many gamers, but for others, they’ll breeze through it.

And that’s why we love Armored Core 6 – some parts are simple and others seem impossible, depending on the player.

With this in mind, be prepared to spend a few hours on this mission and follow these tips:

  • Use Pulse Armor if you can
  • Take down G1 as fast as possible

Pay attention to the strategy of the enemy. The plan is to lower your energy and resources as much as possible before G1 kills you.

A setup with the following can really help:

  • Dual songbirds
  • Dual flamethrowers
  • MaxHP

Using this setup, you’ll be able to AOE your foes down, making the fight much easier.

Chapter 5, Mission 37 – Intercept the Corporate Forces

If you opt to take on this mission, you’ll need to fight off the corporate craft. You may want to complete the mission ASAP, but you want to go on the glass roof. The roof is where “New LC” spawns and will try to intercept you.

Failing to make your way on to the awning will mean that you’ll never obtain the combat log.

LC isn’t too difficult to kill, but you’ll need to be on your “A” game to take it down. Homing rockets will start to bombard you, and the best course of action is to block or dodge them. You’ll need to be on the defensive during the fight and look for opportunities to strike your enemy.

You can choose any build you want for the battle, but one recommendation that works very well is using the:

  • Stun needle launcher
  • Gatling gun

While this build isn’t great for multiple mobs, it is a powerhouse versus single targets.

Ending 2 (Liberator of Rubicon Ending)[RE1] 

ending 2 armored core
Photo Credits: Bandai Namco Entertainment

The Liberator of Rubicon Ending is considered the “good” ending for Armored Core 6, so at the very least, you’ll want to aim for it.

To obtain this ending, you’ll need to choose the following Decision missions:

Chapter 3, Mission 22 – Destroy the Special Forces Craft

In this chapter, you’ll have to decide whether to eliminate the enforcement squads or destroy the special forces craft.

This mission unlocks after completing Tunnel Sabotage.

The main objective of the Destroy the Special Forces Craft mission is to destroy the Planetary Closure Administration Special Forces craft.

Chapter 4, Mission 32 – Ambush the Vespers

In Chapter 4, you’ll also have to complete the mission Ambush the Vespers, which is a main mission.

You’ll start this mission with an ally by your side. First, you’ll challenge Pater and Hawkins. Your ally can distract one of the bosses while you focus on taking down the other.

These bosses can spawn temporary shields and regenerate their health, so keep this in mind.

Chapter 5, Mission 38 – Eliminate “Cinder” Carla

In Chapter 5, you’ll need to decide to Eliminate “Cinder” Carla. Your main objective is to, of course, take “Cinder” Carla down.

If you’re on your second playthrough of Armored Core 6 (New Game+), then you’ll need to follow the path below to get this ending:

Chapter 1, Mission 6 – Attack the Damn Complex

For this mission, you’ll be paired with two friendly mechs. Their job is to help you destroy all of the enemies and facilities in the area. Tag along with these mechs and cause some destruction.

At some point, you’ll come across a boss that you’ll need to take down. Once the boss is down, you can use the catapult to access the top of the facility and destroy the final generator.

Once you take down the generator, a prompt will pop up. Choose “Refuse.”

Chapter 3, Mission 19 – Prevent Corporate Salvage of New Tech

In Chapter 3, choose Mission 19: Prevent Corporate Salvage of New Tech. You’ll be briefed by Middle Flatwell, the Liberation Front Central Ice Field Command.

Flatwell will inform you that they’re gearing up to take the corporations on two fronts, and their primary goal is to seize the corporation’s PCA hardware. Your mission is to obliterate the PCA LCs as well as the new HC that the PCA has stationed at the Hjalmar Mine.

Ending 3: Alea Lacta Est Ending

alea armored core ending
Photo Credits: Bandai Namco Entertainment

The Alea Lacta Est ending is the hardest one to get, and you can only obtain it after your third playthrough while in New Game++.

To get this ending, you’ll need to choose the following Decision missions.

Chapter 1, Mission 6 – Attack the Dam Complex

Just as in the previous ending, you’ll need to tag along with your ally mechs and take down the boss.

But once you launch onto the top of the facility and take down the generator, choose “Accept,” and take down your allies in battle.

Chapter 3, Mission 19 – Prevent Corporate Salvage of New Tech

Again, you’ll need to choose Mission 19: Prevent Corporate Salvage of New Tech on your path to unlock this ending.

Chapter 3, Mission 21 – Eliminate the Enforcement Squads

In Chapter 3, you’ll also have to do Mission 21, which is a Main Mission. Your job is to eliminate the enforcement squads.

To start the mission, destroy all the mechs you can find in the area. Climb the wall and into the corridor, where you’ll find the objective marker. Get ready to face-off against your targets waiting on the other side of the door.

Take them all down, and progress through the facility.

To complete the mission, defeat the heavy cavalry.

Chapter 4, Mission 26-B – Coral Export Denial

In Chapter 4, you’ll need to choose Mission 26-B if you want to get the Alea Lacta Est ending. Your mission here is to destroy all Coral transports and ensure they don’t escape.

Chapter 4, Mission 33-B – Eliminate V-III

Along with Mission 26-B, you’ll also need to choose Mission 33-B: Eliminate V-III. Your goal is to eliminate V.III O’Keeffe, Arquebus Special Intelligence officer.

Chapter 4 – Complete the Arena

In Chapter 4, you’ll also need to complete the arena and eliminate the final opponent after you complete Underground Explorations Depths 1-3.

Once you’ve completed all of these missions, you’re not quite done yet. At this point, you’ll unlock three ending missions that you’ll need to complete:

  • Coral Release
  • MIA
  • Regain Control of the Xylem

If you follow the path to obtain this ending, you’ll experience a completely different storyline and will be working for the opposing faction. This ending is considered the “true” ending for the game.

Aim to have a tanky build for this path.

Armored Core 6 Tips

tips armored core 6
Photo Credits: Bandai Namco Entertainment

1. Don’t Rely on the Auto-save

Auto-save is one of our favorite features in gaming – ever. But there is some sort of odd issue with adjusting your Core and then leaving. You’ll need to go to the main menu and save so that you don’t receive an annoying message every time you enter the game.

2. Get Used to Moving All the Time

Staying still will end with you dying a lot. For some gamers who like to mosey around, it may be a change of pace to always be moving. But you do want to learn to strafe a lot and learn to use your thrusters a lot.

3. Adjust Your Camera Speed

Your controller camera speed can make a big difference in your gameplay. Go into the Option settings and increase the movement speed of the camera. Tweak this setting until you have the speed you want for efficient and effective attacks against your foes.

4. Block Attacks When Dodging Isn’t Working

Dodging attacks is always the best course of action to mitigate damage. However, if you’re not dodging or just can’t get your timing right, you need to focus on blocking. The power to block attacks and lower the overall damage you take will make a world of difference against challenging bosses.

5. Get the Weapon Bay OS Upgrade ASAP

When you unlock the Arena, be sure to work on the OS upgrade. You’ll use this upgrade to change your build and will become much more versatile as a result.

6. Stagger Enemies

Want to know the secret to taking out mechs? Stagger them.

Mechs have an ACS Gauge, which is their stagger meter. Any damage you deal will increase that gauge, but explosives are the ticket to staggering these enemies quickly.

If you’re struggling to take out a powerful boss or other foe, try using missiles, grenade launchers and other explosives to stagger them and take them down ASAP.

7. Get Used to Melee

Melee is actually really powerful and cost-saving, so get used to it. If you’re having trouble dealing damage early on, then melee is definitely the way to go.

Yes, you risk taking more damage yourself, but it’s worth taking the chance. A few well-timed hits are all you need to take down the first boss. Over time, you’ll unlock more potent melee options that can take down even the strongest of bosses.

And the best part about using melee is that you don’t have to worry about running out of ammo. Every type of ammo in Armored Core 6 has a cost, and the cost of your bullets will be subtracted from your final earnings.

8. Reload Between Fights

This tip may seem obvious, but it’s important not to overlook it. Make sure that you reload in between fights.

Some players don’t know that they can manually reload any weapon with the reload mechanism. Of course, this tip doesn’t apply to missiles, one-time-use weapons and weapons that overload instead of reloading.

Reloading in between fights will ensure that you’re ready to take on whatever comes your way and aren’t scrambling to reload in a bad situation.

Use the guide above to unlock all of the endings in Armored Core 6. If you’re struggling to get through some of the missions above, take a look at gameplay and streamers on YouTube and Twitch for tips and tricks. And if you’re looking for more challenging games to try, check out our post: 10 Underrated Soulslike Games That You’ve Never Heard Of.